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Antony Bryant

Professor of Informatics, Tony has been an active researcher since the 1980s. With a social science background Tony's current interests include complexity & chaos theory, grounded theory method, informatics, and self organising communities.

Research Area

Social Innovation

Current Position

  • Professor of Informatics, Computing & Information Technologies, Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • ASEM Chair & European Co-ordinator, International Masters Programme in Information Management, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya
  • Visiting Professor, Executive Masters Programme in Information & Management, University of Amsterdam


I have been an active researcher in software engineering and information systems since the 1980s: Prior to that I worked in the software industry for several years as a programmer, systems analyst, and latterly as senior project leader. Whilst teaching and researching I have established various collaborations, including several major projects with BT involving technology transfer across the organization for specification methods for development and design of BT's information systems.

For many years I was a member of BSI's software engineering panel; also working with UK government [CCTA] as consultant on several quality-related and standards projects, including work on SSADM; I convened the BIS panel on SSADM and edited the British Standard for SSADM.

I have been involved with process improvement projects, including consultancies with The Halifax, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, and several large insurance companies. These involved use of various versions of the Capability Maturity Model and the draft standard for Process Assessment.

I have also been closely involved in development of several Master's courses, including some offered on a part-time block basis aimed at those in full-time employment wishing to update their skills and develop their careers and value to their organization. I led a version of one Masters programme in South Africa.

My earlier background was in the Social Sciences. I studied with Tony Giddens in Cambridge; Leslie Sklair at LSE; and Zygmunt Bauman at Leeds. I recently shared a platform with Professor Bauman, discussing his concept of Liquid Modernity in the context of recent work on turbulence and complexity. I have recently completed a book that discusses information and communications technology in the context of Bauman's work. I am also preparing a book on Grounded Theory, together with Kathy Charmaz, that will include contributions from many of the major internationally renowned researchers using Grounded Theory across a wide range of disciplines.

Research Interests

  • Business Process Modelling and Integration
  • Complexity & Chaos Theory
  • Formal Specification
  • Grounded Theory Method
  • Information Systems Development
  • Informatics & Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Methods Integration
  • Object Orientation
  • Process Improvement & Capability Maturity
  • Qualitative Research Approaches - particularly Grounded Theory
  • Research Philosophy & Methods
  • Software Engineering
  • Standards and Standardization

Recent Publications

  • September 2007 - A Bryant & K Charmaz, eds., The Handbook of The Grounded Theory Method, SAGE (Senior Editor)
  • 'Liquid Arts - Liquid Modernity' - Griselda Pollock,Zygmunt Bauman, Antony Bryant, Gustav Metzger, THEORY, CULTURE & SOCIETY, JAN 2007, Vol 24(1)
  • 'Learning from Open Source: Wiki and the Agora', paper presented at ICIS 2006; Winner 'Best Paper in Track'
  • Thinking Informatically - A New Understanding of Information, Communication, and Technology; Edwin Mellen Press - with contributions from Zygmunt Bauman and Frank Land.
  • 'Information Systems: A Discipline in search of a Community; or vice-versa? - a response to Benbasat & Zmud', PrimaVera Series