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Our donors

Our donors are remarkable people who appreciate how an education at Leeds Beckett University can transform the lives of our students, the communities they live in and society as a whole. 

They make a huge difference, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer the financial support that we do. We’re delighted to formally recognise the contribution that our donors make, and share some of their motivations to support students at our university.     

Thank you to our current donors

Alexandra Aylward, class of 1992
Graham Bell, class of 1992
Eve Blackwell, class of 2006
William Cormack, class of 1968
Thomas Duerden, class of 2017
Stephen Evans, class of 1993
Aaron Goddard, class of 2001
Christine Hunter, class of 1978
Luisa Lyons, class of 2001
Bob Mitchell, class of 1976
Peter Rice, class of 1974
Tomas Shanahan, class of 2011
Joseph Sheerin, class of 2012
Christine Sherlock, class of 1983
Christina Smith, class of 1976
Anthony Snowdon, class of 1999
Ian Stevens, class of 2004
Bernd Stottok, class of 2016
Robert Thompson, class of 2004
Hugh Wellesley-Smith, class of 2012

What our donors say

Geraldine Collie

“My interest in giving to the Get Ahead Fund was sparked from the letter I received from Leeds Met last year. It made me appreciate how lucky I was to have come from a background which regarded higher education as normal progression; nothing else would have been considered.

However in my working life I came across many bright and capable people who left school at an early age. Many were without the luck of having been born to university educated parents who would have leapt at a chance offered by the Get Ahead Team's programmes, if only they existed!

Their lack of a university education clearly held them back from achieving their full potential. The subsequent call I received from a Leeds Met student helped reinforce this view and stimulate my interest even more."

Sarah Stewart

Sarah graduated from Leeds Met in 2005 in Business Studies.

"My motivation to donate was really sparked when I heard about the project. Learning about how you look to support those who are unable to attend University due to their circumstances, definitely gives food for thought! University tutoring should be a right rather than a privilege, therefore any support in helping those less fortunate certainly gets my seal of approval. After having such a great University experience at Leeds Metropolitan, I would like to hope that everyone could have the same experience as I had.

Attending the Alumni Lunch has inspired me, and now I know more about the projects you work on I would like to give something back. I would like to offer my time to be involved in your mentor scheme as I am a good example of using my university degree (Business Studies) to be successful within the work place."

Patricia Watson

Patricia Watson graduated in Youth and Community Work in 1993 and was contacted by Darren in March 2011:

"When I received the initial call from your team, I was reminded not only of the time I spent at Leeds Met (then Leeds Polytechnic), but of all the educational opportunities I have had throughout my life. So when I got your call, I was thrilled to hear that the Get Ahead Team is just as keen to offer opportunities to young people who otherwise may not feel able to access them. You gave me the motivation to help, albeit in a very small way, and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come."

David Sevante

David attended Carnegie College from 1950-1951 and studied Physical Education. Now a retired teacher, David made a donation during the March 2010 Campaign after speaking to Jemma:

"In making a donation to assist, it kept a link with my past life. I am not rich but something made me send a tiny helping hand."