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Ian Fletcher

Ian is studio tutor and admissions tutor for the BA (Hons) Architecture.

Role within the School

Senior Lecturer


Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Diploma of Architecture, Master of Arts in Architecture and Urbanism.


Ian has worked in architectural practice in Trinidad & Tobago, and taught at Carleton University, Canada and at the Birmingham School of Architecture before joining our University in 2011.


Ian is currently engaged in a funded project which develops a strategic model for an urban waste infrastructure using a closed-cycle system. The aim is to evaluate the optimum composting approach for the management of spent coffee grounds from the restaurant and ready-to-serve coffee industry, transforming them into a stabilised horticultural amendment for use in food production.


Theoretical and practical urban scale ideas, which can help the transition of post-industrial cities towards self-sufficiency. Ian’s research aims to promote an ecological rethinking of post-industrial infrastructures, waste management and community engagement to maximise local food production and biodiversity.

Selected Publications

Fletcher, I. (2011) Cinematic Visions of Urban Mobility: A Driving Perception. In: Harris, J. and Williams, RJ. eds. Regenerating Culture and Society: Architecture, Art and Urban Style within the Global Politics of City-Branding. Liverpool: Tate Liverpool and Liverpool University Press.


UnLtd Do It Award 2014 for his Vermiculture project.


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