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SEEDS Conference 2016

SEEDS 2016

On 14 and 15 September 2016, LSI once again hosted the International SEEDS Conference. Professor Chris Gorse, the Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute and Professor Mohammad Dastbaz, Pro Vice Chancellor welcomed delegates and keynote speakers. Two days of Conference Papers being presented, networking opportunities and internationally acclaimed keynote speakers, made for an exciting, successful and positive Conference. Sustainability is the core theme for the Sustainable, Ecological, Engineering and Design for Society Conference and this provides an opportunity to submit papers from a wide range of disciplines relating to sustainability.

Posters that had been submitted for the SEEDS Conference and the accompanying RISE Awards (Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise) were displayed in the Rose Bowl throughout the two days of the Conference. A Conference dinner was also held in the Acre Room at Headingley on Wednesday evening. A gala dinner where the RISE Awards were presented was held on the Thursday evening at the Metropole Hotel in Leeds which was hosted by Gaynor Barnes.

This year the Conference welcomed delegates from the USA, Finland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Wales, Ireland and the UK. Many of the delegates were returning for the second year of the Conference and we also welcomed new delegates and new paper submissions.



Keynote Speakers videos

Professor Jaqui Glass - Industry and virtue: an update on responsible and ethical sourcing practices in the UK
Dr Karl Andersson - Solutions for Greener and Smarter Cities and Regions Enabling Sustainable Growth: the North Swedish Perspective
Professor Gary Shuckford - The Dementia Challenge, The Role of Big Data and IoT
Steven Heath (KNAUF Insulation) - ‘Mind the Gap’: a study into the Real Performance of domestic properties ‘in Use’
Professor Vyacheslav Kharchenko - Green IT Engineering: Challenges and Solutions for Human and Industry Domains
Dr Alice Owen - Diffusion of Low Carbon Innovation in Building Retrofit: Challenges and Opportunities
Professor Peter Skipworth - At the interface of man and the environment: What do we really know?
Professor John Smallwood - Preventing the Collapse of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures and Support Work During Construction: Assurance Versus ‘Accident Investigation’
Chrissi McCarthy - The Impact of Fairness in the Construction Sector
Dr Lloyd Scott - Future Orientated Built Environment Professionals: What Sustainability Competencies Should Be Fostered in Higher Education Graduates?
Dr John Littlewood - What Can Building Performance Evaluation Testing Learn from the Atmosphere of Saturday Night Fever?

RISE Awards 2016 - Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise

RISE Awards 2016

Hosted by Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University and sponsored by Knauf Insulation, the RISE Awards recognise, promote and reward the talented groups and individuals who are shaping the future of our industry through extensive Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise. Our awards bring together academic, industry, third sector and community groups together for the first time in a unique celebration of all those who are helping to change the way we build for the better. Celebrating diversity and the unique skills, knowledge and perspectives different groups contribute to the field is at the heart of the RISE awards. A big thank you to everyone who took part and came to celebrate with us! RISE is over for another year and we are thrilled with the response to this year’s awards with a record number of entries and over 100 of you joining us for our intimate awards ceremony at the Met Hotel in Leeds. The event has conclusively proved that the future of research, innovation and development is at in safe hands and has a home here in Yorkshire.

Gaynor Barnes from ITV Calendar presented 18 awards across 16 categories including field and laboratory research, sustainable developments, social value, enterprise, and education and training. In a change from the standard application form, entrants for these awards were encouraged to use their creativity and create a visual poster outlining their initiative. Winners on the night came from a vast array of environments, specialisms and backgrounds each displaying the passion and dedication to do things better, pushing the construction industry forward and driving up standards.


SEEDS International Conference 2016


RISE Awards 2016


RISE Awards 2016 - Posters


Award 1: Field and Laboratory Research
WINNER: Low Carbon, Lower Cost?! submitted by Dr Haniyeh M Karbasi, BCM & Liverpool John Moores University

Award 2: Product and Element Interface
WINNER: ARC Spandrel Barrier submitted by ARC Building Solutions
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aerotherm submitted by Aero-therm Products Ltd

Award 3a: Design and Creativity
WINNER: HOMES for today submitted by Walker Architects
HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Playhouse submitted by YEME Architects

Award 3b: Design and Innovation
WINNER: Climate Innovation District submitted by CITU

Award 4: New Technologies
WINNER: Wellbriefing submitted by Atkins Global
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Heat Loss Calculator submitted by Ian Dickinson

Award 5: Collaborative Working
WINNER: Collett KTP project submitted by Collett and Sons
HIGHLY COMMENDED: East Riding Leisure Bridlington submitted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Award 6a: Sustainable Developments, Non Domestic
WINNER: Laidlaw Library at University of Leeds submitted by SES Engineering Services
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Shipley Swimming Pool submitted by Bradford Metropolitan District Council Environment and Climate Change Unit.

Award 6b: Sustainable Developments, Domestic
WINNER: Knowledge Transfer Partnership submitted by Wakefield District Council

Award 7: Heritage Award for restoration and retrofit
WINNER: Manningham Baths submitted by YEME Architects
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Cumberworth radical ‘whole house’ retrofit submitted by Green Building Store

Award 8: Behavioural Change
WINNER: GBE, Green Building Encyclopaedia
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Actuated Futures submitted by CITU

Award 9: Vision and Sustainability
WINNER: Slowing the Flow in Pickering, Ryedale Flood Research Group
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Green Building Store

Award 10: Social Value
WINNER: Social Value submitted by William Birch and Sons

Award 11: Enterprise
WINNER: Sustainability submitted by Hahn Plastics

Award 12: Education and Training
WINNER: Construction in 2025 – Students of today are the professionals of tomorrow submitted by Trimble Tekla
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Up-Skilling the UK Work Force in Renewable Energy Technologies submitted by Solar-Active

Award 13 – Andrew Platten Commemorative Award for BIM Adoption
WINNER: Go Digital with goBIM submitted by coBuilder International

Award 14 – Andrew Platten Commemorative Award for BIM Training
WINNER: BIM for Construction Health and Safety submitted by NBS
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Simulated BIM Project Training submitted by BIM Academy and White Frog

Award 15 – Chair’s Award
WINNER: Slowing the Flow in Pickering submitted by Ryedale Flood Research Group
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Intelligent Products for Civil Engineering submitted bu Wrekin Products

Award 16 – CIOB Award for New Technology
WINNER: East Riding Leisure Bridlington submitted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

SEEDS Conference Awards 2016

1. Knauf Insulation Award for Building Performance and Evaluation
Cormac Flood, Lloyd Scott and William Gleeson

Highly commended
James Parker, Martin Fletcher and David Johnston

2. Knauf Insulation Award for Most Pragmatic Approach to Sustainability
Martin Pritchard and Baron Gaule

Highly commended
Bamdad Ayati, Andrei Shishkin and Darryl Newport

Highly commended
Richard Nicholls and Clive Martyn Richardson

3. CIBSE Award for Services and Energy
Mark Burrows and Anne Stafford (and Chris Gorse)

Highly commended
Abdulhakeem Garba, Mohammed Kishk and David Moore

Highly commended
Sakhe Mdikane and Christopher Allen

4. CIOB Award for Best Academic Paper
Barry Gledson

Highly commended
Francesco Pomponi and Alice Moncaster

5. CIOB Award for Best Technical Paper
Johann Meulemans, Florent Alzetto and Dave Farmer (and Chris Gorse)

6. Green Energy Infrastructure Award
Dimitar Minovski, Eric Rondeau and Jean-Philippe Georges

Highly commended
Anar Bazarhanova, Ah-Lian Kor and Colin Pattinson

Highly commended
Khan Mohammad Habibullah, Eric Rondeau and Jean-Philippe Georges

7. LSI Award for Contribution to the Field
Francesco Pomponi and Alice Moncaster

Highly commended
Alice Owens and Jonathan Liddell

8. LSI Award for Paper Addressing a Developing Need
Fidelis Emuze and Bankole Awuzie

Highly commended
David Garlovsky, Andrea Genovese, Muhammad Haneef Abdul Nasir and Yuqing He

9. LSI Award for Paper Addressing a Social Need
Alolote Amadi and Anthony Higham

10. SEEDS Award for Contribution to the Built Environment
Yahya Ibraheem, Poorang Piroozfar and Eric Farr

Highly commended
Claire Deacon and John Smallwood

Highly commended
Petros Tsitnidis

11. SEEDS Award for Contribution to the Natural Environment
Alan Simson

Highly commended
Catherine Scott, Tom Bliss, Dominick Spracklen, Kirsty Pringle, Martin Dallimer, Edward Butt and Piers Forster

12. Chair’s Award
Richard Cozzens

Highly commended
Niamh Murtagh, Loulwa Achkar and Aeli Roberts

13. Special Chair's Award
Ruben Escribano-García, Andrew Platten and Nick Cope

14. BIM Award
Barry Gledson and Susan Dawson

Highly commended
Mohammad Sakikhales and Spyros Stravoravdis


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