Centre for Urban Development & Environmental Management

Professor Ian Strange

Professor Ian Strange


BA (Hons) Economic History, Sussex
MA History, Sussex
PhD Public-Private Partnership and the Politics of Economic Regeneration Policy in Sheffield c1985-1991, Sheffield University


Director of CUDEM
Professor of Spatial Planning


Ian has been involved with and led a wide range of research projects, including the following: Welcome to the North Public Art Programme Evaluation, Yorkshire Forward (with the Policy Research Institute, Leeds Metropolitan University), 2007-09; Architecture Week: Evaluation and Options Appraisal, Arts Council England, (lead academic), 2007-09; ESPON 3.2 Spatial Scenarios and Orientations in Relation to the ESDP and Cohesion Policy, European Commission under the ESPON Programme, led by Université Libre de Bruxelles, (research partner), 2004-06; An Evaluation of Situation Leeds - A Festival of Art in the Public Realm, (Situation Leeds, Leeds City Council), (lead academic), 2005 Evaluations of Public Art Strategies for Kent County Council, 2006, Durham County Council, 2005, Scotland, 2004 and Hull, 2004. Role of Cities as Nodes of Polycentric Urban Development in Europe, funded by European Commission under the ESPON Programme, ESPON 1.1.1). (research partner), 2002-4.

Research interests

Ian's research experience and activity lies within the areas of the politics of urban restructuring, urban governance, local economic policy, arts and cultural policy, and conservation and the planning and development process in historic cities. Recent research has focused on the contribution of the arts and cultural industries to local regeneration, evaluating public art strategies, and the conceptual underpinnings of spatial strategy making in the UK and Europe.

Recent publications

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