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A "New" Form of Fandom? Looking at Social Media as the "New Pub"

It is argued by numerous academics that globalisation has altered the way people enjoy and ‘consume’ sport (see Giulianotti and Numerato, 2018). In the last fifteen years a new social phenomenon has emerged: social media.

Kev Hylton

Russia 2018, Racism and the Plight of England's Footballers

The World Cup in Russia 2018 is fast becoming a lightning rod for many of the unresolved global issues concerning racism and discrimination in football.

Kevin Hylton Professor Kevin Hylton
Leeds Beckett University Professor Jonathan Long

England Expects: Getting an inside track on the pressure of expectations for the England team ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

It’s only hours until England take the centre stage at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and English fans will be cheering on their nation, hoping for victory. As the team have been preparing for the World Cup, the number of media reports making reference to expectations around how they will perform have started to soar.


Subtle goalkeeping solutions for Englands World Cup penalty shootout problem

“Everyone seems to know the score, they've seen it all before” (Broudie, Baddiel & Skinner, 1996).


ECB Reaching Out to South Asian Communities

Four Leeds Beckett University academics have produced a report - South Asian Communities and Cricket (Bradford and Leeds) - on behalf of Yorkshire Cricket Partnership.

Leeds Beckett University Professor Jonathan Long
The research team

Enabling physiotherapists to promote physical activity to people with spinal cord injury - an international collaboration

This semester I was successful in obtaining a research fellowship at Leeds Beckett University to lead a project aiming to enhance physical activity (PA) promotion by physiotherapists to people with spinal cord injury (SCI).


Battle Back Centre Veterans' Courses

The Royal British Legion Battle Back Centre has developed a new 5-day residential course for veterans. The course is specifically focused on the needs of veterans, featuring many of the components of the highly regarded Multi Activity Course for serving personnel.


Coaching female athletes (Part 2) – Put the athlete first!

As described in my previous post on the carnegieXchange blog, I have recently moved into a role where, for the first time, I am providing S&C coaching to a group of high-performance female athletes. Part 1 of this reported information on the differences between male and female athletes, gathered to inform my practice in this role. This post is a reflection on how I modified my practice both in response to the research I’ve done and through what I have learnt through coaching the all-female group.


Coaching female athletes - What's really different?

It has been a momentous last few months in female sport, with a number of significant milestones achieved. The recent Rugby League World Cup hosted by Australia was the first to ensure equal provision for the male and female competitors regarding facilities, accommodation and medical support at an international tournament.

Backhouse BBC

Concerns over sport supplement usage

Yesterday, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) raised concerns over ‘quick fix’ sport supplement usage amongst exercising adults in Britain. Findings of a YouGov study showed that 87% of the exercising adults (N=1028) who have taken a supplement have done so without seeking the advice of a healthcare professional. These findings corroborate our own research with athletes, teachers and coaches alike.

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