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The Carnegie School of Sport Knowledge Exchange Series

carnegieXchange Resources
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The Carnegie School of Sport runs a lively and exciting programme of events. The programme includes a wide variety of activities such as seminars, research carousels, conferences and lectures, providing a great forum for Knowledge Exchange. You can view a selection of our past events here.
carnegieXchange Blog
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The carnegieXchange blog from the School of Sport facilitates discussion of key academic issues. With a focus on relevance to School life, it hosts ideas and concepts at the heart of our academic work, covering anything in the continuum of teaching-research.
CARR Conference
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Over 140 delegates attended the third annual CARR Conference including coaches, strength and conditioning staff, sports scientists, PE teachers, and those who work with athletes at various levels. The attendees, who included representatives from the Rugby Football Union, Scottish Rugby Union, Welsh Rugby Union and Rugby Football League, all gathered at Leeds Beckett University where they shared cutting edge, up-to-date research aimed at enhancing the practice of professionals working within rugby and youth sport.
Inaugural Lectures
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All new professors, whether they have been internally promoted or appointed externally, are given the opportunity to give an Inaugural Lecture. The School's Inaugural Lecture series provides an opportunity to celebrate these achievements with each lecture representing a significant milestone in an academic's career. A selection of our Carnegie School of Sport Professorial Inaugural Lectures are available to view here.
Carnegie Conversations
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Our Carnegie Conversation programme engaged with people from a wide variety of backgrounds with some of the conversations available to view here.