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Leadership for Emerging Middle Leaders (EML)

Reflecting on Professional Practice - Becoming a Leader



This programme gives emerging leaders the opportunity to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge so they can drive successful team performance and improve classroom practice.

An established distance learning module will be undertaken as part of this programme, enabling participants to gain 20 Master's level credits.

This qualification is new for September 2017.

Suitable for

This qualification is for emerging leaders and is aimed at RQTs who are starting to take on leadership roles within their school or are aspiring to leadership positions in their future career.


The programme will usually take 12 months to complete, depending on experience. You can flex your study around home and work commitments, completing the qualification at your convenience.

Your will be expected to attend an induction day during the autumn term and additional face-to-face sessions during the spring and summer terms. There will also be opportunities for additional individual tutorials via virtual or face-to-face meetings.


Courses are facilitated by current or former Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), middle leaders, senior leaders or headteachers.


£500, with an additional cost of £250 to cover assessment and the award of Master's credits*. 

*If the participant is a Leeds Beckett ITT or PGCE graduate then the additional cost, to cover assessment and award of Master's credits, will be reduced to £50.


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Learning Outcomes 

Programme Structure

You will learn through a blended learning approach facilitated through:

  • Workplace learning and practice activities, including support and guidance from a workplace mentor.
  • An entitlement to high quality coaching, enabling participants to develop your practice.
  • Three and a half development days, including peer and facilitated learning and reading and regular opportunities for self-reflection via completion of a critical reflection/learning log.
  • Online learning via completion of a distance learning module and engagement with peer study forums.
  • A work based project linked to the development of the subject leaders role, including an evaluation of the impact this has on improving and sustaining pupil outcomes.

Your Learning 

The programme incorporates six key themes and seven leadership behaviours.  These set out what a leader should know or be able to do. The themes and behaviours covered in this programme are common to those used for the National Professional Qualifications.

Leadership Behaviours

There are 7 leadership behaviours, which set out how the best leaders operate. These are embedded within the content and practical application of each theme. They are:

  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Drive
  • Resilience
  • Awareness
  • Integrity
  • Respect


Plus Icon Strategy and Improvement

You will learn how to:

  •  Audit existing provision within your area, enabling you to identify priorities you will need to address.
  • Produce a development/improvement plan.
  • Project your vision for improvement.
Plus Icon Teaching and Curriculum Excellence

You will learn how to:

  • Decide what actions are necessary to improve teaching and learning at a team or department level.
  • Select and develop, evidence based, teaching and learning strategies that have a positive - and sustainable - impact on pupil outcomes.
Plus Icon Leading with Impact

You will learn how to:

  • Positively influence others in order to drive change.
  • Relate to and develop others, identifying your own areas for self-development.
  • Present your findings and analyses with confidence.
Plus Icon Working in Partnership

You will learn how to:

  • Utilise existing school networks to increase capacity and share good practice.
  • Access support from external organisations and networks; engaging with your peers and exploring the potential of online collaboration.
Plus Icon Increasing Capability

You will learn how to:

  • Line manage a team effectively.
  • Grow capacity within a team and how to measure the effectiveness of the strategies employed to do this.
  • Set yourself appropriate and challenging personal development targets.

Final Assessment

As part of the EML you will need to demonstrate how you have developed as an emerging leader, reflecting on the progress you have made against the six themes and seven leadership behaviours outlined above.

This will be evidenced by the completion of  your work based project linked to the development of the subject leaders role, including an evaluation of the impact this has on improving and sustaining pupil outcomes.

Your work based project will also incorporate the learning and development you will undertake as part of the RQT distance learning module 'Reflecting on Professional Practice'.

At the end of the programme you will need to submit a written account of your work to us, along with any additional supporting documentation. Your written account will cover the initiation, implementation and evaluation stages of the project and additional evidence to support that you have met the requirements of the distance learning module*:

  • An ePortfolio.
  • A mind map illustrating developmental planning.
  • Engagement with online forum discussions.
  • A presentation to peers and engagement with peer self-assessment and reflection.
  • An annotated bibliography.
  • Critical refection/ learning log of 1,000 words.

*Work submitted for the RQT distance learning module will also form a substantial amount of the evidence needed to demonstrate that you have met the criteria for this programme.

EML Master's Level Qualifications

The module enables participants to make their teaching experience and leadership journey count by gaining 20 Master’s level credits.

If a participant has already completed the additional NQT/RQT programme already offered by Leeds Beckett University, they will be unable to combine these Master's credits with the credits awarded as part of this qualification. 

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