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Career Mentoring

Mentoring gives students the chance to learn from people with professional experience

Our career mentoring scheme is a voluntary programme run by the Mentoring Co-ordinator, Karen Armitage, in the Employability & Job Shop Team. Students are matched with a career mentor i.e. a professional in a job role of interest to the student. It provides an opportunity for students to gain 'real world' insights into their chosen profession - who better to ask about a job than a person successfully doing it? Mentoring offers scope for the personal and professional development of both parties, especially in areas such as leadership and communication.

Suggested time commitment to the scheme is to attend a minimum of four face-to-face meetings of approximately one hour a time during a four month period, and may additionally involve electronic mentoring.

Becoming a mentor

Would you like to share your experience and skills and help a Leeds Met student identify their own career needs at the start of their career?

Could you:

  • Encourage independence
  • Give support
  • Build confidence
  • Motivate the mentee
  • Provide advice and guidance
  • Give and receive honest & constructive feedback
  • Be a good listener & ask open questions

If you could, then why not consider volunteering to be a mentor. Please download an application form and return it to the Mentoring Co-ordinator.

Please contact Karen Armitage (Wednesday-Friday) at k.armitage@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

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