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Adam Burns

A degree isn't just about looking good on paper. It's also about having the practical knowledge and professional skills that can be valuable to employers.

Many of our courses offer a free sandwich option which provides up to one year's employment experience. Choosing the sandwich route can help with your academic work and with getting a job after graduation. We will help you find your work placement and you can even work overseas if you’re keen to spread your wings.

As this is an important feature in a number of our courses we have decided that students starting their course in September 2012 will not be charged a fee for their placement year. (Please note, this does not apply to courses that are NHS and TDA funded).

Search our Course Finder to see what sandwich courses we offer.

Get your foot in the door

We work in partnership with some of the biggest names in industry and the leading professions. Our graduates have worked with top global companies such as O2, Disney, the BBC, and Microsoft. A placement can give you:

  • A range of work-related skills
  • A network of industry contacts
  • A year of paid work
  • Experience of applying for jobs
  • Assessment towards final year modules
  • A job offer on completion

You can read about our students' experiences on placement on our case study pages.

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