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CarnegieXchange - Type 1 Diabetes: Managing food and insulin for activity

Managing food and insulin for activity: What you need to know. Most of us are able to exercise without giving it much thought, but it’s not that simple for people with type 1 diabetes.

If you have type 1, keeping your blood sugar levels within normal ranges can be a daily struggle. Add exercise or a physically active job to the mix and controlling type 1 becomes even more of a challenge. Most people with type 1 who exercise or are physically active know that it’s important to adjust their insulin and diet. They also know that it’s incredibly easy to get this wrong and if they do, the consequences can be dangerous. This seminar will provide a contemporary overview of the unique physiological and behavioural changes that face people with type 1 diabetes around exercise and physical activity. Furthermore, the seminar will present an insight into work and opportunities arising from the Diabetes Special Interest Group.

Event Details

28 March 2018 -
28 March 2018
Leeds Beckett University, 104 Cavendish Hall, Headingley Campus
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