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CeASR Seminar: Black Victims of Crime and Policing

Speaker: Dr Lisa Long, Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Drawing on critical approaches to victimology this paper will argue the process of institutional racialisation in the operation of police decision making, and the legitimization of white fear positions Black victims of crime ‘outside of the normative imagery of theory and practice’ (Walklate, 2007:53). Racial profiling is prevalent in the process of (un)becoming the victim. The Black victim of crime is not the ‘ideal victim’ as they are linked through 'race' to discourses of criminality, therefore they will not be afforded the complete and legitimate status of the victim (Christie, 1986, van Wijk, 2013). Through under protection, ‘secondary victimisation’ occurs at the hands of the state. This has brutalising racist affects (Williams, 1997 , Tate, 2014, Yancy, 2008) which, particularly in the context of minor crimes, can trump the effects of victimisation and impact upon future recourse to police services.

Event Details

4 April 2017 -
4 April 2017
203, Calverley
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