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Professorial Inaugural Lecture by Professor David Woods

The Environment and Man: a journey along Mountains, Medicine and the Desert accompanied by Impostor and Tourette’s Syndromes

In this lecture Professor Woods will summarise research he has performed over the last 15 years, examining the interaction between the human and the environment.

He will cover his early studies looking at gene-environment interaction and human performance in relation to the ACE gene, before progressing to his work in relation to the effects of hypoxia and high altitude in man. In addition, Professor Woods will discuss his research on the detection of Acute Mountain Sickness, the effect of high altitude on the heart and pre-acclimatization strategies, while there will be some cross-reference to translational research in medicine.

Consideration will also be given to the effects of exercise and deployment in the heat of Afghanistan, including the effects on testicular function, and the effects of arduous exercise on a Polar expedition. 

Event Details

3 May 2017 -
3 May 2017
18:00 - 19:00
James Graham, Headingley Campus
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