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Spotlight on the Retail world - sector insights & graduate opportunities

The retail sector offers a wide range of opportunities at graduate level. You'll find out routes open to you - and get first hand insight from those within the sector on what the present, and the future of retail, looks like.

For Students and Graduates, only. Booked through MyHub.

Retail has a wide variety of career opportunities and different entry routes and if you're considering this as a route as a graduate, you could be joining the three million workers employed in this fast-paced sector. The retail industry is vital to the UK economy; in 2016 alone it generated £358billion worth of retail sales. It is the largest private sector employer. Think beyond your student retail job - and think graduate entry with one of the biggest graduate recruiters! This session will give you a broad overview of the retail sector - with insights both from those who work at the consumer facing side of retail - and those that work as suppliers to retail. By the end of the session, you'll have done this:

Developed your sector knowledge: you'll hear from our expert panel on what are the ‘hot topics’ within retail? What are the challenges as a retailer? How do retailers operate? How are they structured? How do suppliers work with retailers? What does the future of retailing look like?

Learnt about routes for graduates: find out about the career paths and opportunities within the sector; take the chance to interact with recruiters from within it; find out where your skills and experience might fit, and get expert advice on the application process and how you can be successful within it.

Who will you hear from?

Tesco - A household name in the world of retail - and the biggest grocery retailer in the UK. We'll be joined by a Leeds Beckett alumni who has been through the graduate programme and can provide a unique insight in to

Nestle - One of the biggest suppliers to retail. From chocolate to water, coffee to pet food, you'll find a Nestle product on the shelf of retailers across the globe.

Decathlon - A leading name in sports retail - and a big recruiter of graduates. This is a must-attend session for anyone considering, or in the process of applying to, any of the retail graduate roles on offer!

Event Details

7 December 2017 -
7 December 2017
12:30 - 14:30
The Gateway, Leslie Silver (opposite the Library)
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