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Grab a slice of the action with our NEW Pizza Deal

Pizza and chips

 In September we welcomed Pizza Si to campus, a team of award winning pizza experts who know their stuff when it comes to serving up a perfect Italian pizza.

Taste for yourself at the Food Court by grabbing our delicious deal, get a slice of pizza, chips and either a portion of beans or salad for just £3.00. Fancying a lighter bite? You can also just grab a slice of your favourite pizza for only £1.75.

Pizza Si use traditional techniques to perfect their Italian bases

So what makes Pizza Si’s slices so good? We caught up with Stefano Laudadio from Pizza Si to find out more:

How Pizza Si begin

In 1996 Otello, a highly skilled pizza chef, opened his very own Pizzeria in a small village, near Macerata, San Severino Marche, Central Italy.

Superior ingredient quality and a complete hand making process were the key to the success of the pizzeria. As popularity grew Otello focussed his efforts on preparing fresh hand-stretched pizza bases which could be pre-made in the morning for the evening service, the bases proved so popular they were used in local cafes and pubs.

Today Pizza Si’s bases are used across the UK, Ireland and Europe but they continue to stay true to their original values of using traditional methods and superior ingredient quality to create the perfect base.

Why hand stretched pizzas make the best bases!

Hand stretching the pizza dough ensures the maximum amount of oxygen in to the base which helps to create a traditional Italian base, light and crispy base.

The method and ingredients behind the perfect Italian base

It’s all about natural ingredients such as semolina flour, olive oil and natural yeast with no preservatives or additives. Using semolina flour is key to giving the base an authentic flavour and crisp texture.

A special mix of herbs, olive oil, garlic, peppers and a blend of choice tomatoes including the flavoursome and sweet San Marzano Tomatoes are used to create a rich Italian pizza sauce.

Making pizza the traditional way helps to recreate the flavours that have been enjoyed time and time again for hundreds of years across Italy. At the Food Court the pizza bases are then baked on a pizza stone, helping to create a deliciously crust base.

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