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In June 2008 a series of three expert hearings, or discursive workshops, were held at Carnegie Headingley Stadium at which a range of speakers presented evidence from their own experience to an inquiry panel and a public audience. Invited experts came from around the country and represented NHS, local authority, voluntary and third sector stakeholders and a range of perspectives including academics, practitioners supporting lay workers, commissioners and lay people. Speakers were asked to address two of the following four questions, aimed at generating debate around the ‘thornier’ issues relating to lay involvement in public health:

  1. Why should we bother involving lay people in public health roles? Why should lay people bother getting involved?
  2. What has been found to work and in what contexts, and what has not? What are the best approaches to involving lay people in public health?
  3. What are the challenges in involving lay people in developing/delivering public health/health promotion activities and how do these impact upon sustainability and practice?
  4. What should the government/public sector be doing to support local people to be active in their communities?


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A summary of the report can be downloaded here, Accompanying Powerpoint presentations and external links are available below.

- NICE Guidance on Community Engagement
- Springhead Tenants’ & Residents’ Association
- ‘Making Breastfeeding Fashionable’
- Thornhill Health & Wellbeing Project, Southampton
- Health Communities Collaborative, South of Tyne and Wear

June 13th 2008

The Community Health Educators Project
- Lay Health Trainers: Learning from the USA
- Speakeasy
- Healthy Communities Programme
- Practice Experience of Involving People in Public Health

June 25th 2008 

- Volunteer Tutors and the Expert Patients Programme
- Making Public Health & Health Promotion Everyone’s Business
- Commissioning for Health and Well-being
- A Long-term and Strategic Investment: Hull PCT

Walking the Way to Health

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