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People in Public Health – Lay Summary

Jenny Woodward and Sue Rooke, working with the Centre for Health Promotion Research, have produced a lay summary for the dissemination of accessible research-based information from the People in Public Health study which will support better engagement with citizens to co-produce better health and well-being outcomes. Download here.

National Think Tank Meeting - Active Communities for Health.

Jane South, Director of the Centre for Health Promotion Research, chaired the second meeting of the National Think Tank Programme “Active Communities for Health”.

Representatives from national and local health organisations, local government and the voluntary sector attended the half day session at Leeds Met on 6th June.  This powerful group aim to establish a network to help activate the full potential of communities to improve health and wellbeing. For more information contact Jane South at or 0113 812 4406

National Think Tank Programme hosted by People in Public Health – May 2011

The People in Public Health research team and Altogether Better are hosting the second meeting of a National Think Tank Programme – Active Communities for Health. The meeting is at Leeds Metropolitan University on 6th June from 1pm.

The meeting will focus on the work being done in the field of community engagement for health. It aims to agree how an infrastructure can be built that will share learning, influence policy and sustain the work already done. It follows on from a meeting hosted by the Health Inequalities National Support Team in February.

Representatives from local authority, health, academic and voluntary sectors are attending. If you are interested in either attending or receiving notes from the meeting please contact Sue Rooke by email or phone (0113) 8121957.  

For more information on Altogether Better visit

Findings published in Health Promotion International – May 2011

Research findings from the People in Public Health study have been published in the peer reviewed academic journal Health Promotion International. The paper reports the findings from the expert hearings held in June 2008, critically examining issues that emerged regarding the sustainability of lay health worker programmes.

'Think differently and be prepared to demonstrate trust': findings from public hearings, England, on supporting lay people in public health roles
Jane South; Angela Meah; Peter E. Branney
Health Promotion International 2011;  doi: 10.1093/heapro/dar022

The full report on the hearings is available in the Expert Hearings section of this website.

People in Public Health reaches 33,000 Local Government contacts – March 2011

Local Government Improvement and Development (LGID) have given great support to the People in Public Health research.

33,000 of their members have been sent a summary of the findings and a link to the People in Public Health website. It also featured in their Healthy Communities bulletin (issue 42) in February reaching a targeted 800 people.

The project is featured on their website as part of their Health Communities Resource material.

LGID aims to develop and share good practice in local authorities. Local authorities will have an ever more important role in public health so the research team are particularly pleased they’ve chosen to feature the project’s findings so strongly.

Volunteering sector publish research findings – March 2011

The People in Public Health research findings have been published by key voluntary sector organisations.  

The project is featured in Volunteering England’s March newsletter. This is available on-line for Volunteering England members. See People in Public Health was also included in their January e-newsletter, reaching 1200 people.

NAVCA (the national voice of local support and development organisations in England) published the project’s findings “Public Health People Power” on their website on 7th February.

The research team are delighted that the project findings are reaching people able to use them in practice.

Public Health White Paper Consultation – February 2011

The People in Public Health research team contributed written evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group Primary Care and Public Health Special Inquiry: “Does the Public Health White Paper Truly Seize Opportunities for better health?” Click here to download.

The inquiry provides a response to the government’s public health white paper “Healthy lives, healthy people White Paper: Our strategy for public health in England” published 30 November 2010.

Research Briefing for Practice – now available, November 2010

The People in Public Health research team are delighted to announce that the Research Briefing for Practice document is now available. This aims to help services consider how community or volunteer workforces can help services improve health. It also looks at how services can best engage, support and sustain such workforces. Click here to download this document.

Influencing Government Policy – October 2010
The People in Public Health study is making an impact in the NHS and in Parliament. The NHS confederation has picked up on the findings and sent 4500 senior NHS managers a summary of the research in its Health Policy Digest.

The research team has also submitted written evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into the NHS White Paper. Results from the inquiry will be announced on 1st December 2010.

Please click here to download


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