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EU Students

EU students

The UK is one of the top study destinations for students from EU countries.

With most undergraduate programmes taking three rather than four years, and most postgraduate programmes taking just one year, studying in the UK can provide a fast track to your chosen qualification.

Improve your English

Improving your English can vastly enhance your employability. Whatever subject you're interested in, we'll give you all the support you need. We offer a course to support your academic English and study skills, as well as helping you to adapt to life and culture in the UK.

Get more out of an undergraduate course

Our joint honours programmes can make a real difference to getting the job or career you really want. Offering a range of subjects, you can combine gaining English language skills with specialising in your chosen subject. These include:

Save time and money on a postgraduate course

One of the advantages of study at Leeds Beckett is that most of our postgraduate taught programmes take just one year to complete, saving you money on tuition fees and living costs. You can search our range of postgraduate programmes by using our online prospectus. Alternatively, if you're interested in a Masters of Research or a PhD programme, please visit our research pages.

International Masters programme

Our combined academic English and Masters course is designed for non-native speakers of English, including applicants from the European Union. In year one, in addition to English, you will also study modules in the faculty of your chosen Masters. In year two, you will study the Masters course of your choice. For the full range of programmes available please our online prospectus.

International FAQs

Do I need to attend a course interview?
Certain courses require an interview as part of the entrance requirements. Please note that this is a requirement of our University and not part of the immigration process. This information is detailed in the course requirements section of the Online Prospectus. Please note: You will be required to evidence your English language ability through one of the qualifications listed in our University entrance requirements. This cannot be met through interview alone.
How will I make friends with other students?
To help you make friends with other international and home students, we run a mentor scheme and an International Social Network. Leeds Beckett International Mentors gives new students the opportunity to make new friends quickly and to benefit from the support and advice of current students keen to share their experience. We also run an International Social Network, which holds social activities and trips through-out the year and keeps you up to date with part-time work and other important information. For more details of all our mentor scheme or social network, please email Kathryn Firth.
What are the annual living costs?
In addition to tuition fees, we recommend that you budget to cover other costs, including accommodation, food, transport and social activities

It is difficult to suggest to you exactly how much money you will need to support yourself, as each person's circumstances will be different, but please see below for guidance:

Living expenses (including accommodation): £7,380
Please note that these living expenses are estimated and dependent on your lifestyle.

Check out for great advice and tools to help you plan and manage your budget whilst studying in the UK.
How can I get help with my visa and the immigration process?
Our International Student Advice Centre (ISAC) can provide support and advice about many issues which may affect you, including visas, immigration, employment, financial difficulties, childcare facilities, emotional support, and any general matters.

Advice is offered free of charge and follows the Rules and Code of Standards of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and the United Kingdom Border Agency.

For support with visa and immigration etc, contact us at:
Tel: +44 113 812 5612 / 5620 / 5735

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

The International Student Advice Centre at Leeds Beckett University is regulated under OISC guidelines to give immigration advice. The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) is an independent organisation that monitors immigration advice and services. Advisers have to attend regular training to be able to do this.