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We are delighted to be in discussion with FixInArts, Thessaloniki, Greece.

More information coming soon....


FixInArt are a non profit organisation, which has been active since 2011. The organisation works as a hub for professional and amateur artists from all over the world and contribute to the unique atmosphere surrounding this place. 

Located in an old brewery factory in the port of Thessaloniki; a ruin which we slowly renovate with our own hands and lots of volunteers over time.

Our names are Dionisis and Evita and we are with all our heart and energy in this place. Our goal is to get the performing arts centre position in education, and to contribute to the search of approaches and techniques for theatre as an educational tool. We put a great emphasis in the promotion of non formal and informal education though educational and cultural projects.  

We do social and creative entrepreneurship, networking between organisations, sharing of experiences between our members.  We organise and participate at local and international practices, drama workshops, seminars, conferences, workshops and other training activities.We depend very much on volunteers. With all of you, we are able to keep on doing what we love. We constantly host volunteers helping us around and contribute with their skill, talent and personality to this place.  

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