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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Monteverde

Costa Rica

Santa Elena Reserve was created thanks to the determination of the community to share the benefits of the tourism and use them as tool, for the common benefit. The income from the entrance fees are used for the protection, management of the Reserve and to promote a better quality of education on the high school and primary schools of the area, collaborating also with some projects of the community. The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Is one of the first Reserves in the Costa Rica to be administered by a community for they directly benefit.

Established in 1983, the idea was to use the donated land for agriculture and education but because of the access, weather, topography, etc, the lands were not suitable for this activities; so on 1989 the community decide to convert it in a Nature Reserve, together with Youth Challenge International, the Ambientalist Association Vida and the participation of students of the High School and their fathers and Volunteers of the Community, The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve was opened to the public on March 1, 1992.

You will be supporting the national park in Montverde with their fantastic conservation and educational efforts. Depending on what the Reserve need at the time, and volunteers skills and interests you will undertake some or all of the below tasks; 

Volunteer role(s):

• Practical work to help to maintain the paths and national park;
• Support biologists/ researchers with biological research projects including recording data and samples;
• English/ environmental educational classes in the secondary school in the village;
• Support the park with their marketing, advertising, social media, making/editing videos, writing blogs and work with students at the school to teach these skills in making videos etc

Project location: Montverde, Costa Rica

Duration: 2 weeks

Applications available from late October (more information to follow soon).

Useful links:
Santa Elena Reserve

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