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Volunteer Teacher Thailand


Volunteer Teacher Thailand carries on the English education work of the Tsunami Volunteer Centre. It is a non-profit making service run by volunteer staff providing free English lessons to children and adults in Phang-Nga province. They raise the money needed to keep the service going and rely on volunteers to do the teaching. You will also spend time at the Home & Life Centre (an orphanage for young children) working on various building activities alongside the residents.

Volunteer role(s):

  1. The volunteer group will be running English Camps in three schools during the three weeks on project.
  2. For an English Camp, the schools suspend their timetables and bring the whole school together for three days of intensive English activities. The volunteers form four teams. The children will be divided into four groups. Each team will run a station. The children will rotate around the stations until each group has had four one hour lessons. The lessons will be arranged between the school and VTT. The topics will be taken from the schools’ curricula.
  3. Most of the lesson materials will be already made, the team’s role in preparation is to study the lesson, make photocopies of worksheets and devise a game that reinforces that which has been taught. Team games, role play, memory games – whatever you can devise to make it fun.
  4. You will assist with a variety of activities required such as painting, mixing concrete and other handy jobs to help improve the orphanage.
  • Project location: Khao Lak, Thailand 
  • Duration: 3 weeks + optional travel post-volunteering
  • Dates: Friday 25th May 2018 > Saturday 16th June 2018 (FULL) or
    Friday 29th June 2018 > Saturday 21st July 2018 (PLACES STILL AVAILABLE)
  • Accommodation: Hostel dorms, sharing with fellow volunteers
  • Fundraising: £100 contribution towards the charity you are working with

Project Fees: £1100 (all first-time volunteers are eligible for our £250 bursary, which would make total fees payable £850)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: deadline extended for group 2 (29th June - 21st July 2018) Apply before Sunday 18th February.

Read full details on the Thailand project and learn how to apply here

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