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The summer school will be structured into two weeks of teaching. The first week you will take part in the English Language Teaching course. Using a fun and interactive methodology, you will develop the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will increase your cultural awareness of the UK and compare with your own, and prepare for university life by exploring strategies for independent learning and critical thinking.

After the first week you will have the opportunity to select a subject stream in a further three areas:

English Language Teaching – 2nd week

If you choose to continue this subject stream into the 2nd week we will further develop your cross-cultural awareness of British culture and institutions, and focus on strengthening and deepening your knowledge of the English language.

Business & Law

You will start your second week with our Business School and will be involved in group work and team building. Students will play a number of games using experiential learning to look at theories of leadership, management, group work, motivation etc. The sessions will introduce students to key management theories and concepts and link this to their experience in a fun and supportive environment. You will be using our state-of-the-art facilities and will be presenting to the group at the end of the two days.

You will spend the following two days with our Law School. We will give you an insight into the English legal system in a series of sessions. These will include a visit to the criminal courts, and taking part in a mock trial. We will hope to show you why the legal system in this country is respected throughout the world, and why the rule of law is central to both political and economic freedom.

The session in the clinical skills suite will introduce you to how we teach people to become health care professionals using the latest technology. This will include meeting Stan, our human patient simulator, who can talk, breath and has a pulse. Come and have a chat with him and find out how he's feeling and what you can do to make him better.

Performing Arts

This will be a full 12 day summer school option.  Our incredible teaching team in our School of Film & Performing Arts will deliver the whole two-week programme. The course will develop skills and experience in making performance. This will be invaluable for those developing new contexts of teaching and performance as well as supporting the ongoing development of professional portfolios.

Further details to be confirmed.

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