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Inclusion Training in Intellectual Disability for Educators in Europe (ITIDE)

The ITIDE was a three year project (2014-17) led by Leeds Beckett University. It was a €400k strategic partnership involving organisations from five countries.

The partner organisations were:

  • Leeds Beckett University (Lead organisation)
  • National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN), a non-profit organisation based in England
  • ICEP specialists in online continuing education and professional development for educators, based in the Republic of Ireland
  • University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Anadolu University, based in Eskişehir, Turkey
  • The Marie Curie Association, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Dr Pretis SINN, a SME based in Graz, Austria

The ITIDE project was completed in August 2017. Following an initial review of research and practice on educational inclusion across Europe, the existing Complex Needs Materials were adapted, translated and piloted in each partner country.

Accreditation for each set of materials was then sought from local higher education institutions (HEIs). The materials were built into instructionally-designed online platforms and an app was developed to allow mobile access. User guides were also developed to help learners access and structure their learning from the materials.

The result is a flexible, high-quality suite of open access materials that can form part of HEI portfolios, but could equally be accessed by learners on an informal basis or be used by small and medium-sized institutions to structure their own training. The target audience for these materials is educators in schools and other institutions, whether educationally focused or not.

The project concluded with the production of an evaluation and a set of policy recommendations. We expect the legacy of these open access materials to have a continuing direct and indirect effect on raising the level of vocational education in this area across Europe.

Project Aims

Throughout the EU, learners with special educational needs/intellectual disabilities are still not achieving or being included in education at all levels according to their potential. ITIDE aims to address this deficit by making available outstanding open access, practice-leading training materials on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) to spread accessible, accredited, vocational learning to these groups within EU states and beyond. In doing so, we expect to support progress towards the Europe 2020 target of reducing early school leaving.

Project Objectives

  • To develop a suite of SEND Training Materials by adapting and disseminating an existing set of materials (www.complexneeds.org.uk) according to ECVET principles and EU/Partner country inclusion and SEND professional competences. 
  • To produce six parallel versions of the Training Materials in the different languages of the involved partners: German, Bulgarian, English, Irish (English), Spanish and Turkish (see links below).
  • To provide accreditation for each version of the Training Materials through school/higher education institution training partnerships.
  • To provide guidance for educators and end users on the use of the Training Materials as learning resources.
  • To disseminate the adapted Training Materials in the countries of the involved partners and in the wider EU. 

ITIDE project featured as case study for UK HEI International Unit

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International Training Materials

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Video courtesy of Real Group - ITIDE partners

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Introduction to ITIDE

Nick Mitchell, Project Director, introduces ITIDE.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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