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Business Reputation and Performance

In the past two decades the greatest disasters in business and other organizations have been related to lack of critical engagement about reputation. Enron, the credit crisis, oil industry crises, various healthcare crises have all mishandled the management of their reputation. All of the related organizations articulated core values and had Corporate Social Responsibility policies but failed to appreciate how these were not critically related to their actual practice. Effective business performance is often linked with factors that enhance the reputation of the organization. Here we explore reputation which requires careful management to ensure good relationships with stakeholders, regulators, civil society, and the law.

Blog posts

Integrated Reporting - A Pathway to Rebuilding Trust in Business Dr Fiona Robertson (April 2017)

Fiona RobertsonSociety’s trust in key institutions — business, government, NGOs, and media - has reached crisis point, according to a survey by the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer of over 33,000 respondents in 28 countries. This has primarily been driven by a lack of faith in the capital system that fails to address societal and economic concerns, including globalization, the pace of innovation and eroding social values. In particular, the globalisation of businesses has allowed companies to exploit cheap labour in developing countries, abuse natural resources and cause serious consequences for the natural environment and human health through pollution... [Read More]

Global Trade: The world may be Britain's oyster, But does it contain a pearl? Dr Jamie Morgan & Dr Silke Trommer (April 2017)

A great deal has been written about Brexit, including in a special issue of the journal Globalizations edited by Professor Heikki Patomäki and Jamie Morgan. These analyses are developed and extended in the forthcoming Routledge edited collection on Brexit, which includes work by Silke Trommer. Brexit continues to be a source of significant concern across all aspects of society and the economy. Despite continuous media focus on the subject since the original referendum was called over a year ago, the general population are only now becoming, or being made, genuinely aware of how complicated the process of exiting the EU is... [Read More]

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