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Business Start Up and Growth

Leeds Business School is one of just thirty-three in the country to have been awarded the Small Business Charter by the Association of Business Schools in the UK. In order to achieve the award, business schools have to undergo a rigorous assessment to determine the depth and effectiveness of their business engagement and business support. Here you can find more about our activities focussed on the start-up and growth of small and medium sized enterprises in the region, student placements and their impact and some reflections on what works and does not work so well.

Blog posts

The productivity puzzle: A case for integrated thinking in the professions Dr Iwi Ugiagbe-Green [Feb 2018]

Iwi Green As we move through the 21st Century, much of our activity as workers and professionals leads towards the production of economic output and the generation of wealth that are the signs of a prosperous society.  Our inputs (and other resources such as land, materials and technology) that lead to the creation of wealth are organised and managed in organisations across the globe.  However, the performance of such organisations, particularly in the UK, are often the subject of much economic debate  (see for example the Chief Economist of the Bank Of England) in terms of the extent to which they innovate, efficiently allocate resources, and use them to improve productivity. [Read More]

Productivity: Strictly not just the bottom line Dr Ollie Jones [Jan 2018]

Politicians, commentators and economists haOllie Jonesve been vexed about productivity in the UK for some time. This has been referred to as the 'productivity gap', that is, the difference in productivity between the UK and a range of comparable economies, such as the G8, or the ‘productivity puzzle’, the change from 2008 onwards where productivity has flatlined in contrast to the historic upward trend. There is also debate and discussion about the productivity differential between differing regions in the UK, including the Leeds and Yorkshire region, in relation to London. Finally, there is data that suggests that productivity is neither evenly nor normally distributed across the economy with a long tail of low productivity firms, particularly smaller SMEs, sometimes being referred to - unkindly perhaps - as ‘zombie firms’. [Read more]

Managing customers' expectations and engagement through personalisation and marketing automation Andy Lima [Oct 2017]

Andy LimaIn today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, world companies are playing catch-up and struggling to absorb new trends and changes. The speed with which people expect companies to respond to their needs and requirements, combined with how fast they can switch providers, is driving businesses to invest in personalised and automated solutions with the aim of producing better customer engagement. [Read More]

Supporting small business growth

Young businesses that want to grow are being offered funded business support and expertise by Leeds Beckett University through an innovative business programme.  The European Regional Development Fund AD:VENTURE programme, is a partnership of Leeds City Region councils, chambers, universities and private sector organisations, that aims to boost growth and job opportunities in the early years of business. [Read More]

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