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As an undergraduate student at Leeds Law School – you will have the opportunity to study abroad. We work with universities around the world whose staff will continue to nurture and support you throughout your study abroad experience.

Studying abroad provides an exciting opportunity for you to not only learn about different legal systems and practises - but to immerse yourself in another culture and enrich your travelling experiences, all the while contributing to your academic and personal development.

There are also a number of funding options which you may be entitled to - from maintenance loans to potential travel grants. Find out more.

Students Abroad

Abigail Mcgarry
Abigail Mcgarry Right Arrow Icon
Studying abroad has opened opportunities that I’d have never got on my own and I can’t thank Leeds Beckett enough. I arrived on Friday late at night and the city was lit up like a Christmas tree, the view from the plane gave me butterflies.
Billy Earl
Billy Earl Right Arrow Icon
I've had some incredible experiences from being on exchange at Victoria University, including being able to explore a new country, making new friends, eating out lots and spending a lot of time at the beach.
Eleanor Burford
Eleanor Burford Right Arrow Icon

My first month in Lyon was challenging, I had to learn to adapt to a completely new culture and settle into Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. However, I absolutely loved the challenge and it made me very excited for the year ahead.

Esme McKee
Esme McKee Right Arrow Icon
Honestly, the first few days can be quite scary, I arrived in Melbourne and realised I didn’t know the place or anyone around, I was late for my first lecture and even sat down in the wrong building, however all of sudden it becomes your home. Everything was new and scary but that was so exciting, the streets and buildings were huge but everyone was really friendly.
Teresa Coultate Right Arrow Icon
Upon arriving in Australia, my first and most obvious concern was fitting into life at a new university, making friends and immersing myself into a new and exciting culture. I decided that my best bet in doing this successfully was to throw myself into as many experiences and opportunities as I could before semester started, so that I could explore my surroundings and meet new friends.
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