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New Freshers

It's the last day of the countdown as Freshers officially starts tomorrow!! Welcome to everyone starting uni. Have a great time over the next couple of weeks and the rest of your Leeds Beckett experience.

We're so close to the start of Freshers! Today we want you to put our Welcome Party in your diary. It's at The Acre at Headingley Campus from 18:00 - 21:00 tomorrow - there'll be drinks, BBQ, fun and games

Last few days! If you're living in halls, make sure you've got some reminders of home for the nostalgia.
Today we'd suggest you start gathering your bathroom essentials. Hygiene and cleanliness is very important for making friends! Don't forget your toothbrush!
Life's going to be hard for all the people you're leaving behind. Make sure they're well prepared for life without you - leave pictures around the house, make sure they have Skype, etc.
Time to do your big shop. Grab enough dried and tinned food to fill your kitchen cupboards. If you wait until you arrive to get shopping, read our student shopping guide.
Time to sign up to support our teams in the annual Leeds Varsity where we take on University of Leeds in a bunch of sports. We've held the title for 12 years in a row now - join us in making it 13.
Folders, notebooks, pens, highlighters - use today to get all of that important stationery together.
Most of you should now have access to MyBeckett, our student portal with loads of helpful information for your course. Use today to login, explore and see if your Leeds Beckett email address has arrived - you can find it under the My Information tab.
How can there be only 10 days left? Time to start the final countdown to Freshers!

Some of you will be moving into halls in the next few days, so get packing. Read our Accommodation Team's tips on what to bring.

Make sure you've packed your passport or birth certificate. You'll need it for your ID check during induction.
If you get a gym membership, have a think about all the free fitness classes you'll have access to - from Aerobics to Zumba. There's Body Tone, Kettle Fit, Squashercise, Martial Arts and a load more.
Let people know you'll be home for the Christmas Break by looking at our Academic Calendar.
You'll be meeting lots of new people at uni so have some ice breakers at the ready to get conversations going.
Fancy a calmer Freshers experience? Read the Students' Union's guide to the Alternative Freshers.
If you're moving away from home, use today to update your details with your bank and other vital post senders.
You can download our app today. You'll find online learning tools as well as information and functionality to support all areas of student life from health and wellbeing to social events, from transport to food. The app will also enable you to automatically sign in to all your lectures and tutorials.

Today's activity is for the students living in university halls this year. If that's you then use today to find out about your Residential Officer - these are the people to get in touch with if you have any issues in halls.

Have a look at our gym memberships and watch the induction video so you can start using our fitness centres and classes as soon as you arrive.
One of the big cultural events in Leeds's calendar is happening today. Check in on the 50th anniversary of Europe’s longest running Caribbean carnival parade and start looking forward to being part of a city with great and diverse events. 
With all the fancy dress parties and club nights as well as the Otley Run, it's always worth having a costume to hand. Use today to sort out your fancy dress.
If you're watching Leeds Fest (live or on TV), today would be a great day to take a look at our festival volunteering opportunities.

If you haven't enrolled on Welcome yet, you can do that today and view your induction information.

We're 3/4 of the way there! Mark this milestone by getting extremely excited about Freshers.

If you know where you're living and your campus you can start planning your route into uni. Will you be walking, cycling, busing, driving?

With the start of term on the horizon, some of you might have a bit of anxiety on top of the excitement. Well don't panic. If you have any questions or worries you can contact our Welcome Team on 0113 8121112.

Use today to upload your campus card photo. Just log in to our Welcome site and click the "Upload my Photo" link. Pick a good picture as it'll be on your card for the next few years.

It's well worth registering at a GP at uni so head over to the NHS site to find the GPs near your student accommodation.

Meet the people who will be joining you on the journey to #BeBeckett.
Most of you will know that you'll be joining us in September, so it's a perfect time to get your NUS Extra card for some nice discounts.

A level results are finally here! Time to confirm your place with us on UCAS and talk to us on Twitter or Facebook about how excited you are. If you've not got the results you needed, don't panic - just call our Admissions team 0113 812 3113 or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

It's the day before A level results. Join us in wishing everyone good luck for tomorrow!
A word from your SU: The Freshers 2017 line-up drops tomorrow at freshers.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk! Don’t miss out on what we have in store for you when September rolls around!

With 35 days left, find out how, whatever your interests, Leeds Beckett is perfect for you!

There are so many amazing places to visit in Leeds, it's hard to know where to begin, so check out some of our students' top spots on our Student Map of Leeds.

With A level results just round the corner, all the A level takers among you should make sure you're well prepared with champagne in the fridge and important numbers in your phone. Here's our Admissions Team number 0113 812 3113 in case you need them.

38 days to go! You can start planning your future by familiarising yourself with our Employability and Progression services.
Today we'd like to introduce you to the Library Team. They're open every hour of every day of the year (even bank holidays) and they can help with loads of things including all your book and computer issues.
Everybody needs some support in their life, and at Leeds Beckett we have a great team of people who can help you with any issues you might have. Today is the day you should learn about our Student Wellbeing Team.
Stay safe and get your meningitis jab at your local GP before you arrive at university!

42 days to go and it's time to read about all the great things our students do for charity and the local community. 

Today, we want you to learn a more advanced recipe. Wow your flatmates with a good old Sunday roast dinner including perfect Yorkshire puds (of course). 

If your loved ones want to send you to uni with some food money, or if you want to keep your food budget in one place, our food cards could be a good shout. They work in the campus shops, food courts and cafés
For today, have a look at what we're doing at Leeds Pride this weekend.

Have a look at our Job Shop. It's a great way to get some paid part-time/casual work while you study and it's really easy to sign up once you get here.

If you don't already live in Leeds, you'll want to familiarise yourself with our best landmarks for wandering around and taking pictures.

Join us in a verse of Ilkley Moor Ba'tat while we celebrate Yorkshire Day. If you're already from Yorkshire, well done. If you're not, start looking forward to gaining honorary Yorkshire status.

It's time to start thinking about grabbing things to decorate your room when you get here. Posters, photos, cuddly toys - whatever you need to feel at home.
You're halfway there and we think you should consider becoming a Student Ambassador when you get here. Ambassadors help support our University events and activities - and the pay's pretty good.
There are some places on campus that not even our students all know about. With 51 days to go, read up on our hidden gems.
A word from your SU: Freshers is one of the most incredible experiences a Leeds Beckett student can have, if we do say so ourselves! That’s why we’re giving you TWO chances to win Freshers Wristbands for you and a friend! Just sign up to the Official Mailing List and join our Thunderclap!

University is the place where you will go make amazing friends and have the time of your life. Today's activity? Watch this video and prepare yourself to meet some great people.

Think about booking a trip to the dentist. It's not always easy (or worth it) to register with a dentist at uni, so get yourself booked in for a checkup before you join us in September.

Get to know your Student Council Reps. They're there to ensure you are aware of the network of support the Students' Union and University offers, in order to make your University experience as enjoyable and successful as it can be.

It's the start of our Graduation week. Take today to follow our ceremonies and imagine how great it'll feel getting your degree.
57 days to go and it's time to sort out your kitchen gear. Gather some crockery, pots and pans and utensils - maybe a cookbook.
This one's for our airborne students. If you're flying into Leeds you can sign up to our Meet & Greet, so one of our Ambassadors can pick you up from the airport.
Our graduates go on to do great things. Today's activity is to read about some of our entrepreneurial students and think about how you might follow in their footsteps.
Want to prepare for your course? Get started by visiting your course page on our Online Prospectus and watching the course leader or student interviews under the Modules & Learning section.
61! Use today to sort out your bedding. If you're staying in one of our halls, you can find bed sizes in the inventories on our Accommodation pages. The pattern and thread count is up to you.
With 62 days to go, find out more about our academics and their research. You can also watch some of them explain their research in under 60 seconds.

Going to be travelling between home and uni much? It's probably worth picking up a rail card to keep the costs down.

Today's task? Read about Leeds Beckett students' contribution to the Leeds cultural scene and have a think about how you can get involved when you arrive.
Ever shrunk your favourite jeans? Or died your smartest shirt pink? Well you're about to unless you scrub up on your washing machine techniques before you arrive. Use today to perfect your washing skills.
66 days to go - if you're a sports fan, today's the Day to discover some of the teams you can support in Leeds.
Today we want you to not do something. Don't buy any Office software as you'll be able to get Microsoft Office Online for free when you get here.
Day 68 is an important one - come say hello to the most famous feline in Leeds, Carnegie Cat. He regularly roams around Headingley campus, posing for photos and being a top cat.

During your time here, you'll have lots of opportunities to hear from high-profile experts across a host of fields/disciplines. Why not have a look at some of our recent guest lectures?

Part of what makes Leeds Beckett great is the city of Leeds itself. Our city is amazing and today is the day to find out why.

If you have a disability, long term health condition or learning difficulty that you didn't declare on UCAS, contact our Disability Advice Team so they can assess what reasonable adjustments and support you will need in order to engage with their course and with University life.

As our International Volunteers are jetting off to Greece to help turtles next week, we thought it'd be a good day for you to check out all the places you could go as an International Volunteer. Fiji, anyone?

Did you know Kaiser Chief and 'The Voice' host Ricky Wilson, Olympian Alistair Brownlee and rugby star Kevin Sinfield chose to study at our University? Find out about some of our other famous alumni on Day 73...

Time to make sure your belongings are insured. When you get here we can also help you mark your property shortly after you arrive.

We're a quarter of the way there! With only 75 days to go today's activity is to keep those excitement levels high.
Today's task? Put this taxi number in your phone 0113 2311511 so you'll never get stranded after a night out - all thanks to this great scheme from our SU.
A word from your SU: The fresh new SU Officer team start today! Find out who they are and what they’ve got in store to improve student life this year!
The countdown continues! Today we'd like you to continue expanding your cooking repertoire with a slightly more challenging dish - a tuna pasta bake.
There's a bunch of ways to get around Leeds and one of the greenest (and our favourite!) is by bicycle. That's why we think you should use today to sign up for our Bike Hire - it's super cheap too!
20 days down already! Today we'd like to introduce you to the Student Hub. It's your one-stop-shop for support and answers to your questions. There's one at each campus staffed by friendly, helpful people, but for now you can visit the online version.
You'll find a whole host of support for students when you get here, and for day 81 we think you should take a look at Student Money Advice. If you need some help with any financial issue, they'll be there for you. They run drop-ins so you can meet face to face or you can give them a call.
We're down to 82 and we think you should grab an apron and perfect your cooking. We'll start with the basics today - how to make perfect potato wedges. Cheap and simple - you're bound to win friends fast with these!

Worried about making friends? Well remember everyone is in the same boat, so use today to buy a doorstop - an open door is a great way to connect with flatmates... a brew won't hurt either.

Have you met Beckett Bear? He's our University mascot. You'll find him at sports games, having adventures on campus and looking out for his student friends. Make sure you get a selfie with him if you see him!

Today's the day for the fashion-conscious among you to plan your uni wardrobe. One tip - it can get chilly over here, so remember to pack your jumper so you're comfy through the winter, autumn...and spring months.

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of when you get here. Why not have a think about doing some of your studies abroad? You can meet new people, travel, improve your language and employability skills!
Why not have a gander at some of the societies you can join? Societies are a great way of making friends and meeting like-minded people and if the one you want doesn't exist, you can always set up your own. Here's the Students' Union's list.
Are you a sporty student? Today might be a good day to check if you're eligible for any of our sports scholarships. We also have bursaries and development opportunities to help you reach your sporting potential.
We're into the 80s! Time to look back at last year's Freshers so you know what to expect in September.

If you haven't already opened a student bank account, now might be a good time to look at your options. There are lots of banks with some enticing offers and it can be overwhelming so take a look at this guide if you're feeling stuck.

Leeds has some of the best music venues in the UK, from one of the North's best small venues, The Brudenell, to the 13,500 capacity First Direct Arena. Use today to check them out and decide which gigs you'll go to.
Keep up to date with all our news, views and general Leeds Beckett stuff by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
Today's activity is budgeting so you can put money worries to one side. Our student budgeting guide is here to help.

Joining a sports team is a great way to make friends while keeping fit and we've got something for every taste and ability. With 94 days to go, have a look at our Sports Team page and see what's available.

Feeling entrepreneurial? Have a look at our Enterprise Academy for Students. They help set up student businesses, award grants and provide endless amounts of mentoring and advice to current students and graduates.
A word from your SU: "If you need a spot of advice, a society to geek out in, an opportunity to volunteer, or have your voice heard across the University, then you should come and see us at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union! You’ll see a lot from us throughout the year with some awesome campaigns and events! Discover us today!"

Want to explore your new campus? Today's the day you can get your campus bearings by going on a virtual open day. Have a look around our buildings, facilities and accommodation - and you don't even have to get out of bed to do it!

Visit the government's site and look at our list of bursaries, scholarships and grants to make sure you've applied for all the financial help you're eligible for.
If you're not already involved, join our official Freshers Facebook group. You can find your future flat and course mates and join in all the conversations we're having over there.
Time to get excited! The countdown to Freshers has officially begun. Check back on this page every day for the next 100 days to find out what you can do to prepare for uni before it all kicks off on 18 September.
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