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Ace the Graduate and Placements Fair


The university is hosting the biggest careers event of the year on 18 October with the Graduate and Placements Fair welcoming many major employers to campus.

Careers fair

We are hosting the Graduate and Placements Fair on our City Campus on 18 October welcoming big employers such as ASDA, IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Hilton Worldwide and Jet2.com.

Careers fairs are an ideal chance to meet employers, find out about opportunities that are available to you, and develop your commercial awareness.

Here’s how you can make sure you make the most of the day.

Be prepared

Research the companies that are at the fair.

What do they do, what does their graduate scheme involve, what other opportunities do they offer? This will allow you to ask smarter questions, demonstrating your commercial awareness and understanding of them as an employer – you’ll be more memorable this way.

Prepare your ‘pitch’.

Practice a short introduction which highlights your interests, skills and experiences. Don’t just repeat this to everyone you meet - the idea is to be prepared to talk about yourself if asked.

Update your CV and LinkedIn Profile.

You never know when an employer might ask to see your CV or connect with you on LinkedIn, so you need to be prepared for this. Book a careers appointment or attend a LinkedIn Lab session (both available via MyHub) for help with these.

On the day

Dress to impress.

You don’t need to turn up in a suit but employers will be impressed by you dressing smartly and projecting a professional image.

Think about the impression you will make.

First impressions are hugely important. Think about your body language – make eye contact, shake hands, and talk in a polite but enthusiastic way. Demonstrate your knowledge of the sector and the organisation by asking smart questions, and showing you are genuinely interested in what the employer has to say.

Be an individual.

Don’t just walk around the fair with a group of friends – this is an important opportunity for you personally, so go and speak to the employers you are interested in and have that one to one conversation.

Keep an open mind.

Talk to a variety of exhibitors, even if you don’t think a particular company is of interest to you. They might offer opportunities that you are not aware of, or provide you with useful tips that apply to applying for jobs with other employers.

After the event

Follow up your contacts.

If you had a good conversation with an employer, think about connecting with them on LinkedIn (remember to personalise your introductory message).

Take notes.

Been given any useful pieces of information, or tips for writing applications? Make a note of them to make sure you don’t forget what you learned.

Make an action plan.

Attending the fair is a really useful part of preparing for life after University, but in itself it doesn’t make you more employable, or mean that you are more likely to get a graduate job. Whether you are in Level 4, 5 or 6, make a plan for what steps you need to take next in order to improve your employability. You can always make a careers appointment for some help with this.

Our Graduate and Placements Fair is on 18 October in the Rose Bowl Atrium, City Campus. For more information check out the events page here.

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