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Leeds Beckett signs up to sponsor three guide dog puppies


When it comes to cute, we’re pretty sure you can’t get much cuter than a guide dog puppy – just see how many people line up to meet them when they make a visit to campus as evidence.

In recognition of Disability History Month this November, Leeds Beckett have recently signed-up to sponsor three guide dog puppies, which helps support them in their training.  We’re proud to be sponsoring Eddie, Fargo and his sister Fifi via the Guide Dogs charity.

The sponsorship idea was inspired by a colleague who submitted a Bright Idea suggesting that staff volunteer to become puppy walkers. Although this wasn’t possible, we wanted to still help make a difference to the charity and the people it supports, so we agreed to sponsor puppies instead.

Guide Dogs provides help to thousands of blind and partially sighted people across the UK through the provision of guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services.  They also campaign for the rights of those with visual impairments and invest in eye disease research.

Meet the Puppies

So who are the adorable trio? Make sure you click on their names, so you don't miss out on a chance to see earlier photos of our sponsor dogs.

Eddie is described as “a tail wagging, playful and cheeky pup” who has been getting to grips with some sophisticated commands including, learning how to find stairs, lifts and empty chairs in waiting rooms and public transport. He is also beginning to get the hang of ‘left’ and ‘right’ commands. 

Here’s his biog:

Gender: Boy

My best feature is: My sleek and shiny black fur – I get lots of cuddles because it’s so soft!

If I was a movie character I would be: Indiana Jones! I’m a confident adventurer; I love to explore around the garden and am always active!

Personality type: Lovably cheeky!

Where would you like to be in five years’ time? Helping a person with vision impairment to lead a fun and active life!

Fargo is “playful and loves meeting new pups and people. In the last few months his confidence has developed and he now manages most staircases without a problem. He has also learnt new skills too, such as finding the lift, even when it is not within sight!”

Fargo’s profile:

Gender: Boy

My friends describe me as: A party animal! I’m very sociable and fun-loving, and even when I try to be grumpy people just find it cute!

In my free time, you’ll find me: With my sister Fifi and our puppy pals, playing games and enjoying ourselves!

Hoping to meet: Someone special to support, listen to and guide through life, and who will do the same for me! I love to have fun but am really looking forward to settling down when I meet my perfect match.

Fifi is a bright puppy who has been visiting many new places and is getting used to new sights and smells! Her owner says “transport is no problem for Fifi; she is very happy on the bus, train and in the car, she just loves to watch the world go by!”

Her biog reads:

Gender: Girl

My friends describe me as: A little softie - sweet natured, gentle, playful, and very affectionate!

Hobbies and interests: 
I love cuddles and playing or relaxing in the grass. My best friend is my brother Fargo and we go on lots of fun adventures together with our pals in the puppy play pen!

My best features are: My little wet nose and my super-soft and velvety ears! 


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