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Race Equality Charter Mark


Our University is taking part in a national trial of a new charter mark for race equality as we wish to improve the representation, progression and success of our minority ethnic staff and students.

We recently surveyed all staff and students as part of this project and now would like to hear specifically from staff who identify as being from minority ethnic groups. By minority ethnic we mean those who regard themselves as being from Black, Asian, Arab, Mixed or Chinese heritage. This is the first time such an initiative has been undertaken and is an opportunity to share your experience and perceptions and contribute to the action plans which our university will develop to advance our race equality agenda.

As part of our activities our Equality & Diversity team are looking for volunteers to take par in some focus groups and are also hosting a talk by the facilitator, Dr Deborah Gabriel, which is open to all.

Focus groups

Please help by taking part in a focus group facilitated by an independent advisor, Dr Deborah Gabriel, who is the founder of Black British Academics and is a former journalist and PR specialist with expertise in race equality and social justice. Deborah currently works at Bournemouth University. Deborah will facilitate discussions, asking questions about your experience of working at our University. The purpose of the sessions is to give those who take part a voice in a confidential and supportive environment. Each session will be recorded, which will be used by Deborah to write up an anonymised report for our University. 

To Book your place

If you would like to volunteer to take part in a focus group please choose one of the following sessions and email equality@leedsbeckett.ac.uk or call Robyn Brockie in our Equality and Diversity team on x27724 to book your place.

CARES staff only

Thursday 8 January, 09:30-11:00, breakfast provided

All staff

Thursday 8 January, 2:30-14:00, lunch provided
Friday 9 January, 09:30-11:00, breakfast provided
Friday 9 January, 12:30-14:00, lunch provided

Cultural Democracy: A New Framework for Race Equality

Thursday 8 January, 17:15-18:45, 437 Rose Bowl, City Campus

In this presentation, Deborah will argue that cultural democracy is a more robust framework from which to approach race equality as unlike the existing diversity framework, it addresses unequal power relations maintained and perpetuated through whiteness and white supremacy. In this presentation open to all she provides examples on how to integrate cultural democracy into teaching practice and equality work.

Deborah is a lecturer in the Media School at Bournemouth University where she brings a critical focus to degree programmes in advertising, marketing communications, public relations, politics and media. Her research centres primarily on the political dimensions of media communication with a special focus on how raced, classed and gendered inequalities are maintained and perpetuated in and through the media, especially in terms of representation.

Her secondary area of research focuses on racial inequalities within the higher education sector.  At Bournemouth University she is a member of the Dignity, Diversity and Equality Steering Group and a committee member of the Women’s Academic Network and encourages an intersectional approach to equality issues.

Beyond her full-time academic role Deborah is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black British Academics,  a specialist race equality organisation with key objectives to enhance the voice and visibility of staff and students of colour and increase their capacity to influence policy-making around race equality. It also provides dedicated services to higher education institutions to support their efforts to deliver measurable change.

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