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December good news


The latest good news from the School of Art, Architecture & Design.

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Interior Architecture & Design

On 9 November SpaceInvader & Ralph Capper celebrated 50 years of design and the opening of their innovative Leeds’ studio space. BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design graduates from 2001 -2017, employed by the practice, were joined by tutors Joan Love and Julie MacDermott.

The Green Sand Foundry, within the unique historical and post-industrial setting of Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds, has been sensitively and dynamically remodelled as a creative hub, designed to foster cross-collaboration between networks of colleagues, clients, professional consultants & designers. The open door policy at The Green Sand Foundry aims to encourage all within the "community" to utilise the space. Sarah Dodsworth, Associate Director of SpaceInvader, a multi-award-winning team of specialist interior designers, explained:

“The design of the studio reflects this ethos by accommodating a huge variety of work settings which support & reflect the way in which we do business - professional and informal within a creative setting”.

Interior Architecture Group
Paul Henning Graduate 2001, Ellie McCrum Graduate 2017, Ryan Beggs Graduate 2014, Joan Love Tutor, Julie MacDermott Tutor, Ellie Corcoran current first year student, Sarah Dodsworth Graduate 2005, Kathleen Brooks Graduate 2016, John Williams Director SpaceInvader and Graduate 2001.


Fine Art

James Joyce Work

On 2 November Elisa Oliver, Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett, curated an 8 course tasting menu at the James Joyce Centre Dublin. The event used the idea of ‘Taste’ to explore Joyce’s writing and its delineation of Dublin. With work by artists Kaye Winwood and Nuala Clooney, and in collaboration with Irish chefs the culinary, literary and artistic were brought to bear upon each other in an interdisciplinary investigation of food and ‘taste’ as a mode of interpretation and curation. Pursuing the vegetarian in relation to the idea of the poetic and the feminine and employing the thread of orange as fruit and colour notions of colonialism, trade and politics were also playfully engendered.


Sewing Borders

On 29 November Dr Mohammed Hafeda, Senior Lecturer at the School of Art, Architecture & Design, screened his short film ‘Sewing Borders’ at The Mosaic Rooms in London. The film explores the experiences of displaced residents from Beirut and how they use sewing to negotiate and narrate notions of spatial, temporal and historic borders. Using the lived experiences of residents, contrasted with maps and documents, the film also examines the wider history of shifting borders and displacement across the Middle East.


Graphic Arts & Design

A collection of one-minute films by second year students were screened on the Big Screen in Millennium Square on Tuesday 28 November. These short films were a visual document of their creative journey during their module ‘The Process Brief’.

Throughout the module, students are required to adopt a process-led approach, an alternate method where it is not what they are making that is important, but the making itself. We ask them to follow the mantras ’trust in the process’ and ’embrace uncertainty’. 

This year a strict ban on third-party audio was imposed which saw each student capture their own sound. Not only did we see an increase in the quality of the sound accompanying the films, but this increased the sense of ownership.

Creative Briefs

Ben Hall who led the module said ‘screening the films on the Big Screen acts as a fitting and celebratory resolve to the module’.

The Process Brief films will be screened on the Portland Wall for the next few weeks.


Paper Play

Richard Sweeney, renowned paper folding artist, joined first year BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design students and Joan Love, tutor, for a day of paper folding demonstrations, as part of a recent workshop integrated into their ‘Music Factory’ project. Richard also delivered a lecture about his working processes and some of his most recent installations, to help to inspire the students with the design of their first interior of an existing building. 

Paper Folding Installation
Image: courtesy of Richard Sweeney, Paper Play, Milwaukee Art Museum, USA (architect: Santiago Calatrava).


Becoming Undone: The Theatre of Pedagogy

Lecturer in Graphic Arts & Design, Jo Hassall presented a paper which spanned her PhD research and teaching practice at the University of Lincoln international conference ‘Provocative Pedagogies: Performative Teaching and Learning in the Arts’. Becoming Undone reflected on ‘undoneness’ and its relation to feminist practices and collage approaches within teaching and learning and drawing from examples of live projects with students, personal research methods and collaborative work with feminist research cluster F= to look at performative pedagogy as a strategy within art and design education.

Jo Hassall - Becoming Undone


Architectural Humanities Research Association [AHRA] 14th International Conference 2017 Birmingham City University

In November Dr Liz Stirling and Jo Hassall exhibited work and presented their co-authored paper, Women, Visibility and Playful Acts, looking at the Annual Walk and Burning Ritual that celebrates International Women’s Day in Leeds, as part of the AHRA Conference.

Art, Architecture and Design Activities 

They discussed the festival in the city as an accessible public learning space, showing examples of work made through collaboration with research group F=, along with students in the School of Art, Architecture and Design and wider communities.  They identified strategies within feminist pedagogic practice, design activism and use of humour and spectacle as a critical probe and valuable tool for cross-community engagement.


Criticism Award Win

Senior Lecturer, Sean Ashton has won the 2nd Prize of the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC) 4, 2017, for his piece on Natural Selection, Andy Holden & Peter Holden’s exhibition at the Former Newington Library in London.

The ceremony and announcement was officially made in Shanghai at the 21st Century Minsheng Museum.

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