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Sociology students and tutors develop game-based learning tools

24 July 2013 - Page last updated at 11:42
Students and tutors have worked together on an award-winning HEA funded project where they developed a game-based learning resource to be used in research methods teaching.

The project, led by Dr Natalia Gerodetti and Dr Darren Nixon, aimed to encourage students to identify, explore and overcome typical ethical and methodological dilemmas that they encounter during the research process through the use of game technology. 

Between April and June this year, the student and tutor team developed two interactive games resources which encourage reflective research design and the development of good research questions for undergraduate dissertations. This was done through interactive workshops. The first workshop was based on the BBC's The Apprentice in order to generate ideas for the games resources, allowing students to brainstorm ideas. The second workshop developed the two ideas created in the first workshop. A design student also took part, helping with the production and design of the two games.

The two games created are 'Roll with it' and 'Curveball'.  'Roll with it' is based around the difficulty students often face around formulating and finding good research questions. It gets ideas rolling for dissertations.'Curveball' is designed around the idea of becoming a reflexive researcher and tests methodological, analytical and ethical knowledge and understanding of a research project.

The students involved in the project were a mix of final year and second year students who took the project, along with the tutors, to the HEA conference in Warwick this month, winning the poster presentation award, voted for by conference delegates.

For more information about the project and games, please see Natalia and Darren's blog here.