Course Development Principles

The Centre for Learning and Teaching will help you to design quality courses based on a set of research-informed course development principles.


The following research-informed academic principles should be used to inform the design of our university’s undergraduate courses. Course development teams should refer to these principles when considering the design and review of courses.

The principles aim to enhance students’ satisfaction, achievement and employability and engagement in their studies. Course teams are responsible for adopting the academic principles and applying them to all aspects of their course design and delivery.

The principles are thematically grouped but closely interrelated and allow teams to think holistically about the nature of course design including:

  • help to consider the core elements of your course design work.
  • help to develop an inclusive and personalised curriculum.
  • help you to plan a consistent learning experience for your students.

Course Development teams may find that they need to think more about some principles than others.

Guidance on Academic Approval, Periodic Review and Modifications processes is available here.

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Head of Curriculum Development and Review
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Deb Chapman

Senior Secretary
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Course Development Principles
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