Curriculum Innovation Projects

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is pleased to support teams of staff from the University to bid for funding to support a range of one-year projects for the development of, and support for, learning and teaching activity.

Would you like to receive funding and support to develop learning and teaching and develop your special area of interest?

The next round of bids will be formally launched in January 2017

In 2017-18 the project theme relates to the enhancement of teaching and learning/student experience at Level 4. This might particularly focus on the orientation (practical and/or course), integration (personal and/or social) and preparation (academic and/or disciplinary) of students at Level 4.

The nature of the projects
We would encourage small project teams (2-4 people led by a member of staff who has achieved a level of fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and including a student) and we would expect outcomes to be achieved by June of the academic year in which the project runs. The bid may be linked to a Digital Learning Bid but both the Curriculum Innovation Project bid and the Digital Learning bid must stand on their own merit during the selection process.

Successful project winners will usually be informed in April so that any work release/resources necessary can be organised in good time for planning in July and work to commence in September. They will be offered a free place on the CLT writing retreat, to be held in the summer of 2018.

They will be required to make a presentation on the outcomes of their project at a summer conference or other event, and/or produce a written or digital output for publication.  

A short ‘work in progress’ submission (by e-mail or in person) will be expected in February mid-way through the project.

Please see the right hand links for criteria, guidelines and application forms



 What When 
 Announcement January
 Submission deadline March 
 Panel meet to review submissions April
 Successful projects announced April
 Payment to successful bids Funds available from July

The theme for this year's funding is 'inclusive curricula' (i.e. curricula that recognises, accommodates and meets the needs of all your students, acknowledging a range of learning needs and reflects the diversity of your students) 

Projects should be planned to run during the academic year.
Projects will be semester-focused (e.g. run in semester one or two), or can span the whole academic year.
You will need to identify a formal planning phase in your plan from July. CLT will ensure money is transferred to a project code in your School for the start of the academic year for the project.

Application Process

Application process

Before submitting your application, you may wish to discuss your ideas with the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

You can seek advice from the Centre for Learning and Teaching:
Head of Curriculum Development, Dr Susan Smith (
Janice Priestley (Projects Manager, Centre for Learning and Teaching) (

The Selection Process

We are keen to support projects which encourage individual staff to explore and embed their areas of interest in relation to the curriculum.
In selecting successful projects, we will pay due regard to the selection criteria but the application form is “light touch” and not meant to be onerous.
You should consider how the project will be of relevance across a course, department, School and University.

We encourage staff to lead small collaborative teams to include staff from different teams and groups within a School (academic, administrative, support etc.). We particularly encourage you to involve students in the project team.

The Decision Process

The Decision Process

All bids will be scored according to a set of criteria before coming to a selection panel to make the final decisions. Successful applicants will be informed in April by the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Service contacts

Dr Susan Smith

Head of Curriculum Innovation
0113 81 25268
E-mail Dr Susan Smith

Janice Priestley

Projects Manager
E-mail Janice Priestley 0113 81 29212

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