Graduate Attributes

Our University has three interlinking Graduate Attributes, which have been embedded throughout all our undergraduate courses: these attributes are enterprise, global outlook and digital literacy.

Collectively, these attributes define the distinctiveness of our graduates, and were selected for their alignment with our institutional identity and strengths, and their relevance as our graduates continue to make their way in a rapidly changing, globalising world. Our students’ futures are likely to be increasingly shaped by the changing nature of the workplace and society , requiring them to:

• Be Enterprising (able to problem solve, plan and evaluate, be creative and an effective communicator)

• Be Digitally Literate (able to confidently and critically identify and use information and digital technologies to enhance academic, personal, and professional development)

• Have a Global Outlook (able to engage effectively and responsibly in a multicultural and globalising world)

All our students should be aware of how our Graduate Attributes are shaped through their course and how they add value to their degree and to them becoming effective citizens in society. They need to be able to reflect upon and articulate them to others, including prospective employers

A link to the Little Book of Graduate Attributes can be found here. This includes lots of good tips and advice for students.

Comprehensive guidance providing research based evidence and practical advice for embedding and delivering each of the three Graduate Attributes in your course is available to download below. You can also find advice on how to link the Graduate Attributes to the Taxonomy of Assessment Domains on the Taxonomy webpage


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