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Active video games

Playing active video games on consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and XBox 360 Kinect can enhance learning for students, according to our University academic, whose findings have been presented at the British Psychological Society (BPS) Conferences in 2011 and 2012.

Addressing Sexual Bullying

Dr Tamara Turner-Moore’s background is in forensic psychology. Her research focuses on the psychology of sexual violence and abuse, including rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and sexual bullying.

Addressing the Gender Issues of the Twenty-First Century

Women now make up fifty per cent of law graduates and trainee solicitors, but nonetheless, the structure and culture of the profession remains problematic for women, and its higher echelons are still largely male.

Adrian Larkin - True Media

Adrian Larkin graduated from our University in June 2007 with a Masters degree in Film and Moving Image Production. 

Alderney Project

The group of five postgraduate students visited Alderney as the first stage of a long-term research project, led by tutor Tom Bliss, an Alderney resident, which will see current and future students of our University tackle the visual impact of new developments, measures to increase biodiversity, reduction and recycling of waste and potentials for eco-tourism. 

An Examination of Taste Cultures: the case of 'Opera Man'

Using the lens of Bourdieu’s cultures of taste this research examined the coming together of an unlikely mix: opera and rugby league.

An exploration of resilience: Why do some students drop out while others in similar circumstances do not do so?

Funded by Aimhigher West Yorkshire this cross-university project explored the internal and external resources students draw on when facing threats to their well-being.

An exploration of the link between 'possible selves' and the attainment of BME students on social science courses

Funded by the HEA Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, this project was a collaboration between our University and four partner FE colleges.

Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Experiences of Physical Education Teacher Education

This research project explored the experiences of black and minority ethnic students’ experiences of Physical Education teacher education.

Body Narratives in Sport and Physical Activity

How we learn to inhabit different bodies and know them over time is a complex relational process framed by the sports and physical activities we engage with and the social categories to which we belong.

British Asian Females Racialised and Gendered Experiences of Identity and Womens Football

In 2002, the film ‘Bend it like Beckham’ was released in England, propelling the visibility of women’s football and British Asian women who played the game. Capturing this surge in popular interest, my PhD studies aimed to unpack stereotypical assumptions.

Childhood Obesity

In February 2013, Dr Griffiths had a study, published in The International Journal of Obesity, which suggested that the relationship between obesity and deprivation is not the highest in more deprived groups. These findings are contrary to the 'deprivation theory' and question current understanding and interpretation of the relationship between deprivation and obesity in children.

Childhood Social Memory Space and Time

Dr Claire Griffiths has a background in obesity management and formerly developed and delivered weight management programmes to overweight and obese children and families in both residential and community settings. 

Coaching and Compulsory Heterosexuality: The Experiences of Lesbian Coaches

This research study was a qualitative exploration of women’s experiences of professional coaching, specifically focussing upon how their lives were individually organised along the power relations of sexual orientation and gender.

Communications in the NHS Fit for the Modern World

The Centre for Public Relations Studies (CPRS) has established itself internationally as a leading think tank for communication and research and education. It works with practitioners at senior management and board level operating in complex and challenging organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Connecting the world with our Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

In 2010 we teamed up with thebigword – a language services provider with global reach – and won a £90,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to help develop a web-based training package for public service interpreters. 

Contemporary Women's Writing Association

The School of Cultural Studies & Humanities is home to the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association. At a time when book clubs and universities are focusing on women authors, the CWWA is devoted to the study of this field.

Cricket, ‘whiteness’ and British South Asians

The research identified a number of fascinating relationships between respondents, their attachment to the sport, and their perceptions of the role of cricket in constructing, reinforcing and challenging dominant racial tropes of sporting rationalities.

Critical Approaches to Leisure and Sport Spaces

Our Centre for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been researching critical approaches to leisure and sport spaces – looking into social relations and their impact, as well as resistance and negotiation for participation and representation in leisure and sport.

Critical Review of Contemporary Practice in Internationalisation within the business education subject communities

This project is a contribution to the Higher Education Academy’s Business Education Critical Review Series but also represents the latest of three commissioned literature reviews in the field of internationalisation undertaken by members of CAPRI since its inception at the end of 2009.

Developing a sustainable model for fostering intercultural understanding and building cross-cultural capability through learning in multicultural communities.

This on-going project is funded by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

Developing Performative and arts-based methods in social science

This research project focuses on two related issues: how arts-based methods can contribute to analysis of social science ‘data’ and the potential of performative methods to enhance the communication of social science research.

Developing wildlife tourism in East Yorkshire

This project – carried out by a team of staff and post-graduate students working in Responsible Tourism – researched the economic benefits of nature-based tourism and associated economic activities in East Yorkshire.

"Double-jointed" soccer players have more injuries

Professor Mark Johnson’s research investigates the science of pain and its management. He conducts Cochrane reviews and meta-analyses, experimental studies on human participants and clinical trials on patients experiencing pain.

Effectiveness Measurement

Dr Martin Samy first embarked in academic research in 2000 when he joined Monash University, Australia, completing a PhD from there in the area of effectiveness measurement. He developed a quantitative instrument to measure perceptions of effectiveness in schools and its relationship to financial performance indicators.

Enhancing Assessment, Learning and Teaching

The Centre for Learning and Teaching lead a number of applied research projects which directly foster enhancements to assessment, teaching and learning at Leeds Beckett.

European Communication Monitor

Ralph Tench is Professor of Communication and Director of PhD programmes in the Faculty of Business and Law. 

Experiences of Penile Cancer

Dr Peter Branney has a background in social psychology, exploring contemporary issues around health, particularly related to urological conditions. He focuses mainly on first-person accounts, such as interviews.

Extending conceptualisations of the diversity and value of extra-curricula activities: a cultural capital approach to graduate outcomes

Funded by the Higher Education Academy we conducted research with staff and students (via semi-structured interviews and a comprehensive survey to all full-time level 2 students) designed to identify the forms of extra-curricular activities (ECAs) students participate in and the value given to this participation by both students and staff.

Foreclosure Stories

How do we 'see' a financial crisis? What in social reality changes to make us aware that the economy is in trouble? What do we miss? What stays in the shadows, hidden from view?

Gender and equestrian sport

Equestrian sport is unusual in that it is one of the few competitive sports in which men and women compete against each other on equal terms at all levels of competition, and offers an interesting site for exploring gender relations within sport/leisure.

Gender, Higher Education, Space and Time

This research explores how students and staff carve out space and time for higher education. Academic action is considered in relation to the interconnected spheres of paid work, home, leisure and community.

Getting Sorted: Created by Young People for Young People

Getting Sorted gives vital support and advice to young people living with long term health conditions in Yorkshire and the Humber. This scheme is based on workshops that capture the key issues raised by young people aged 12 to 17, living with diabetes and asthma. 

Godfrey Guzha

I run an IT consultancy company called Page11 - Premier Web Design and IT Consultancy ( www.page11.co.uk)  Through a consultative approach we deliver and support scalable and customisable web based applications also known as bespoke software.

Gymnastics research has wide reaching impact

In April 2011 British Gymnastics (BG) commissioned Leeds Beckett University to undertake research to find out more about the children, young people and adults who participate and perform in gymnastics in its many different disciplines and forms. 

Housing Minister refers to CeBE report into Elm Tree Mews development

The CeBE’s report evaluating the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust development at Elm Tree Mews was highlighted by Housing Minister Andrew Stunnell speaking at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Birmingham who said: 

Impact of Playwork

Professor Fraser Brown has spoken throughout the UK and around the world about his research into the effects of therapeutic playwork on a group of abandoned children in Romania. Fraser is the Chair and Co-Founder of the Aid for Romanian Children charitable trust, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Romanian Association of Play Therapy and Drama Therapy.

Improving Children's Service

Professor Nick Frost researches and writes widely in relation to childhood, multi-disciplinary work, children in care, family support and safeguarding. He is an active teacher, researcher, author and consultant.

Improving the Degree Attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic Students

Jacqueline Stevenson and John Willott contributed to the seminal Equality Challenge Unit/Higher Education Academy Ethnicity, Gender and Degree Attainment Project. Along with other colleagues across the university, Jacqueline Stevenson then participated in the ECU/HEA funded national project researching differentials in degree attainments between different ethnic groups. 


Infra was created to make change and develop designs and policies that make an effect. From the regional to the local, across disciplines, ranging from blue sky, far-out research to near market design and consultancy, we aim to design a better world. 

Institute for Health and Wellbeing Launches

The Institute for Health & Wellbeing will undertake research into the health status of individuals and communities through six major themes: Healthy Communities, Health Promotion, Men’s Health, Nutrition & Childhood Obesity, Pain Science & Management and Men, Gender & Wellbeing. 

International Sustainable and Urban Regeneration Case

The development of sustainable urban communities is a key objective for the Pacific Rim nations.

International work within Africa

International work within Africa has also been a major development for the research group. 

Internationalisation and Equality and Diversity in Higher Education: Merging Identities

The principal aim of this project funded by Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) was to identify the advantages of building on the intersection of Internationalisation and Equality and Diversity (E and D) agendas through an exploration of the effective mechanisms for linking E and D and internationalisation policies, structures and activities within a small sample of institutions. 

Interrupted Body Projects in Sport and the Narrative Reconstruction of Self

This research project, therefore, focuses on the role that narrative plays in shaping the ways in which athletes who have encountered serious injury or illness reconstruct their body-self-other relationships over time.

Jamaican Folklore

Dr Zobel Marshall’s research centres around postcolonial and migrant literatures and cultural forms in Africa and the African Diaspora. Her research spans a broad range of concerns, including examinations of constructions of identity, race and racial politics.

Joel Seckleman: Recorded Soul

Joel Seckleman, a graduate of a Creative Music Sound Technology course at Leeds Beckett University, started up his business ‘Recorded Soul’ in 2011. Recorded Soul is a photography and graphic design business including commercial packages to print, web advertising, social networking, liaison and consultation. 

Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Elm Tree Mews

Researchers at Leeds Beckett University on behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) undertook the Elm Tree Mews Field Trial research programme.

Laura Wellington

I am a contemporary lighting and furniture designer. I also manage the Factory4 Creative Workshop in Sheepscar, Leeds. 

Leeds Sustainability Institute Mission: Statement

Mission Statement: To promote environmental improvements and reduce the impact of the built environment through credible research and collaboration.

Leigh Woolard

Leigh Woolard graduated from Business Information Technology at Leeds Beckett University in 2005. He attended the annual Entrepreneurial Boot Camp in July 2006 where he acquired the practical information, advice and motivation needed to start a business.

Leon Doyle

Entrepreneur and Apprentice star Leon Doyle currently uses the co-working space available in Leeds Beckett University’s Old Broadcasting House to run his three businesses; The Master Menu Ltd, Whitepumps.co.uk and 0800Divert.me.

Liam Newton: Aire Sustainability Consultants

Developing sustainable strategies for organisations is the aim of Liam Newton’s business ‘Aire Sustainability Consultants’, a new sustainability consultancy based in West Yorkshire.

Longitudinal study on eliciting the professional knowledge for early childhood educators

Early years education requires an articulate, reflexive and highly qualified workforce, since the ability to evaluate and develop policy and practice are key to its claims to professionalism. 

Low uptake of free school meals

Professor Pinki Sahota has a strong track record and profile in tackling nutrition and childhood obesity, building on her NHS professional background as a Registered Public Health Nutritionist and Registered Dietician with nearly 20 years of experience as a community dietician.

Mark Fairbairn

Leeds Beckett graduate Mark Fairbairn is now up and running with his company VFM Media, which operates under the umbrella of VFM Associates ltd. Mark offers multimedia services and e-learning packages to the commercial vehicle, construction plant, and agricultural machinery industries as well as clients in the military.

Mark Martin and Tim Ovens: Rabbit Hole Designs

Rabbit Hole is an enthusiastic design studio located in the centre of Leeds. It all started in 2006 when Leeds Beckett students Mark Martin and Tim Ovens met while studying their degree in Multimedia Technology. 

Masculinity and dance

This research examines intersectionalities of gender, race and class as experienced and performed through dance.

Master Women Coaches' Experiences of the Coaching Culture

The purpose of this study, grounded in feminist cultural studies, was to interrogate the paucity of women in high performance coaching.

Matthew Allen and Anton Krasauskas The Skeleton Project

The Skeleton Project is a Yorkshire-based theatre and performance group, The founding members Matthew Allen and Anton Krasauskas graduated from Leeds Beckett in 2007 and have in that time toured original and exciting work, alongside their continuing efforts to showcase and develop the talents of other local artists and performers. 

Matthew Paton

MP Auto Detailing is a prestige valeting and detailing service, set up just over a year ago, by Matthew Paton in Cockermouth and across Cumbria. Matthew has always had a passion for cars, especially prestige and sports cars so when the opportunity to start his own business arose it was something he had always wanted to do.

Mike Moss: GopherDeals.co.uk

Mike Moss, a graduate from Leeds Beckett University recently launched a unique website and promotional service that allows people to ‘Gopher’ the city’s food and drink vouchers. 

Morrisons' Coaching for Performance

The Morrisons' Coaching for Performance grew out of a relationship between the company and our University at VC level in 2008-9, followed by engagement by within the Faculty of Business and Law and the Carnegie Faculty. 

Morrisons Supermarkets

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) and the HRD and Leadership Unit (HRDL) in Leeds Beckett University’s Faculty of Business and Law have been working with Wm Morrisons Supermarkets (based in Bradford, West Yorkshire) to support organisational change.

Nazi Punks Folk Off

Far-right activists have attempted to infiltrate and use music scenes to propagate their racialised ideologies. This project by Spracklen explores attempts by the far right to co-opt black metal and English folk.

New Migrants' Experiences of Leisure and Sport

We are interested in the social processes involved in people’s leisure lives and the ways in which they may facilitate or frustrate efforts to negotiate the transitions of migration.

Premier League health scheme

Professor Alan White has been researching the subject of men’s health for over 15 years.

Preventing doping in sport

Dr Susan Backhouse and her team lead our research into developing effective anti-doping policy and practice - we believe prevention education is the best route to doping-free sport.

Professionalism across the early childhood interdisciplinary team

The model of professionalism developed in the longitudinal study was used to determine if it is appropriate for the varied professionals working in the early childhood interdisciplinary team.

Professor shortlisted for international award

Alan White, the world’s first Professor of Men’s Health is in the running for the Robert Tiffany International Award at the prestigious Nurse Awards 2012.

Promoting students' 'resilient thinking' in diverse Higher Education learning environments

This C-SAP funded project (which was led by Leeds Beckett University with collaboration from the University of Sheffield and Hull College of Further Education) explored how social science students draw on their diverse backgrounds and community cultural capital in developing resilience within multicultural learning environments, with a view to identifying curriculum and pedagogic practices which enable social science students to become future resilient thinkers in their lives and careers after university.


Dr Alexandra Kenyon’s background is in the research and evaluation of alcohol use by young people and associated social marketing campaigns. She formerly worked as an FP& European Commission Expert Evaluator and as a panel reviewer for the Journal of Advertising Research. She has co-authored books including Ethics in the Alcohol Industry and Services Marketing.

'Race' and Sport: Critical Race Theory

Applied to the world of sport, this book uses a Critical Race Theory framework to reveal the underlying social norms, mores and institutionalized prejudices that have helped perpetuate those racialised relations particular to sport.

Reclaiming Liverpool One: Music, Leisure and Urban Space

Cities remain challenging spaces for young people to negotiate cultural identities through music and leisure. This DEI-Funded research involved a collaborative ‘urban music’ (rap, hip-hop, R’nB, soul, grime, and dubstep genres).

Relative Age Effects of school year groups

Can you remember your classmates at school? They were all of a similar age, right? That’s because children born from September 1 to August 31 go into the same year group at school, but we think this prompts an important question - are all the pupils in this 12-month age group developmentally alike?

Research Case Study -TRUG

Trans-disciplinary Research: Urbal Group. A wide-ranging project (involving LSi, the University of Leeds, Permaculture UK and local organisations) to examine the potential for productive, linked green space and new urban systems within a localised green economic context to deliver long-term sustainability.

Researching Physical Activity

Our research in Active Lifestyles specialises in two areas, identifying the impact of becoming - or sustaining already being - active and the impact of interventions aimed at encouraging the uptake of physical activity.

Researching Physical Activity and the Health of Hard to Reach Men

Research shows that men are at risk from a range of health conditions and are reluctant to engage health services. A recent report has outlined the initial findings of Premier League Health (PLH), a national programme of men’s health delivered through professional football clubs in the Premier League. 

Russell Agro: Glassland Media

Russell Agro graduated in the summer of 2006 with a degree in Film and Moving Image. In 2008 he launched Glassland Media with his business partner Jamie Watson, a creative video production company which produces high quality videos for the business and broadcast markets.

Ryan Mulhern: Mulhern Media

Ryan Mulhern, a current Leeds Beckett student and staff member has recently launched his own media production company; Mulhern Media.

Same-Sex Attraction in Young Men in Sport

This autoethnographic research project explores challenging and ethically sensitive issues around sexual orientation and sexual identity among young men in school and youth sport.

Shakey Jakes

Building on the success of their retro milkshake bar in Headingley, Shaky Jakes have recently opened their second shop in the heart of Bradford’s bustling student area, Great Horton Road, and owners Patrick Windle and Katie Duxbury are anticipating a great response from students as they return to university to discover this new hangout.

SME Research

The Faculty of Business and Law has a long history researching small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the perspectives of leadership, management, policy and skills. In particular, Professor Jeff Gold has focused on improving leadership in SMEs through coaching and action learning and Dr David Devins has looked at approaches to supporting SME development.


That was what Jonny Teeling and Will Peirce had to ask themselves, just days after launching Snog.com.

Sport for Development: Monitoring and Evaluation

Much of the work was funded by UK Sport and Comic Relief and was undertaken in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, India (Mumbai and Calcutta) and with seven projects in the UK.

Sport physical activity and physical culture in the lives of looked after children

Drawing from participatory methods and the mosaic approach, this research explores the lived sport, physical activity and physical education experiences of looked-after children.

Steven Taylor: Raw Design Studio

Raw Design studio was co-founded by Steven Taylor and Robert Watson and was launched in September 2006.

Successful solutions

The group has a specific interest in sports performance with a focus on nutrition and the efficacy of supplements for sports performance or health.

Sustainable Urban Fringes (SURF) Project

SURF is a three year, £4.68m project involving twelve European partners.

Systematic Review of Participation by Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in Sport and Active Recreation

Although the field of sport and ethnicity is still under-researched, the body of evidence has grown considerably in recent years as ethnic issues have assumed a higher political profile.

Telling Tales of Difference?: Exploring South Asian, Muslim girls' experiences of PE and physical activity

Using an intersectional framework this PhD research explores what South Asian Muslim girls have to say about their PE experiences.

The British Library 'Race', Ethnicity and Sport Collection

Kevin Hylton is working with the British Library to select key web resources of research interest to form the basis of the ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Sport Collection.

The challenges in promoting bilingualism, creating safe spaces and promoting additional language learning for young bilingual learners in educational settings.

Building on practice as a teacher in primary and early years education and on lecturing in the field, this ongoing longitudinal work and research with children, teachers, students and colleagues promotes the importance of bilingual education.

The Evaluation of the Phunky Foods Programme

Since moving into academia from professional practice, Dr Pinki Sahota has established a strong track record and profile in tackling nutrition and childhood obesity.

The Impact of English Language on Learners' Wider Lives

Dr Ivor Timmis has been involved in English language teaching for around 30 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, MA tutor and PhD supervisor. Dr Timmis’s main research interest is in the analysis and teaching of spoken language.

The Impact of School Sport Partnerships on High Quality Physical Education and School Sport for Young People

School sport partnerships have been at the centre of a national strategy for Physical Education and School Sport in England for seven years, aiming to improve both the range and quality of opportunities for young people to be physically active.

The Meaning and Purpose of Leisure

This book and its sequel, Constructing Leisure, both written by Spracklen, use Jurgen Habermas's work to situate leisure and critical studies of leisure as meaningful and valuable in the twenty-first century.

The Pioneering Research of the World's First Professor of Men's Health

The Centre for Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett works hard to keep its research portfolio eclectic, believing that to fully address men’s health issues a holistic approach much be taken, engaging with social, psychological and physical influences on men’s health outcomes and practices. 

The play behaviours of Roma children in Transylvania

The Roma children of Transylvania are probably the most materially deprived in Europe. They often live in one-room shacks made from wood and mud, with no running water, no sanitation, and sometimes no heating. Many rely on charity for their food and medicines. But, are they play deprived?

The Urbal Mapping Project

Tom Bliss’ film 'The Urbal Fix' (2010) presented a potential spatial framework for metropolitan resilience by filtering 'pre-car' planning theories through Continuous Productive Urbal Landscape theory, and the delivery of ecosystem services by means of re-imagined, re-engineered green infrastructure.

The vanishing social clubs of Liverpool 8

This DEI-funded research concerned Liverpool’s legacies of racism and territorialisation, particularly music and leisure spaces.

The Venture: A case study of an adventure playgound

This detailed case study, which was conducted by Fraser Brown, was largely based on conversations with playworkers, past and present. The Venture is an adventure playground sited in the middle of one of the most deprived estates in Wales, Caia Park in Wrexham.

ThinC Efficiency Projects

The use of desktop PC-based (thick client) technology in supporting university IT applications is being challenged by the emergence of thin client systems, claiming to offer a more energy-efficient solution, by virtue of the distribution of workload and resource demands - especially energy. 

Tim Robb: Red Kite Security Services

Managing Cultural & Major Events graduate Tim Robb has successfully launched his business Redkite Security Services at the Devon County Show.

Tourism and Cultural Change: Working in the Middle East and North Africa Region

Research in tourism and cultural change at Leeds Beckett is world-leading and explores the relationship between tourism and culture.

Towards Overcoming Obesity in Childhood

Childhood obesity has been outlined as a global epidemic with one in three children and two in three adults suffering from this condition.

Understanding the value of extra-curricular activities in creating graduates with impact in education

This project was a collaboration between Leeds Beckett University and four Further Education Colleges across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Urban Forestry/Landscape Urbanism

The urban forestry/landscape urbanism work carried out at Leeds Beckett University started in earnest in 1997 with the EU’s COST Action E12 Urban Forest and Trees, led by Alan Simson, Leeds Beckett, on behalf of the UK. 

Using narratives to address issues of equity and difference in physical education, youth sport and health

The book confronts and illuminates issues of equity and difference through the innovative use of narrative method, telling stories of difference that enable students, academics and professionals alike to engage emotionally and cognitively with the subject.

Weight loss services for Men

Professor Brendan Gough is an expert in qualitative research methods with research interests in Lifestyles, Gender, Masculinity and Mental Wellbeing and a strong track record in effective project management.

Welcome from the Director: Professor Chris Gorse

The Leeds Sustainability Institute: Building a sustainable future through collaborative research.

Welcome from the Institute Director

The Institute for Health and Wellbeing is being launched to foster research and knowledge in specific areas relating to the health status of individuals, communities and nations. 

We've been helping young athletes to fulfil their sporting potential

As part of the SportsAid b active Sporting Excellence Programme our team at Carnegie have been supporting the development of talented youngsters ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

Writing by Britons of Muslim Heritage

Claire Chambers was awarded an AHRC Early Career Fellowship in 2011 and a British Academy Small Grant in 2010-11 to complete her projects on writing by Britons of Muslim heritage.

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