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Adrian Larkin - True Media

Adrian Larkin graduated from our University in June 2007 with a Masters degree in Film and Moving Image Production. The knowledge and skills he developed when studying for this degree helped him to launch a video media productions company called True Media in January 2008, providing a full video production service from concepts, script development, storyboarding, production, post production, special FX, graphics, DVD authoring and delivery.

“We don't do boring. Every video we produce is designed and catered to be unique, just like our clients”.

Adrian Larkin In December 2007, True Media was awarded the Business Start-Up Proof of Concept grant that offers new businesses up to £1000 to test the feasibility of their ideas. The money was used to promote True Media, including the design of a new website. Adrian was granted a scholarship to study for a master’s degree which part paid his tuition fees, however, he funded the rest himself, meaning that all the money he earned through part-time work was going towards his degree and not his business. Therefore, Business Start-Up’s free advice and funding allowed Adrian to produce his website, which was the reason he was able to start trading.

Adrian currently uses the innovation showcase in Leeds Beckett, taking full advantage of the professional work environment and city centre address. For more information on the innovation showcase go to: EIA Hub.

True Media has directed TV commercials, corporate videos, short films, music videos and more. Adrian is clearly very passionate about the company and their performance.

“From the smallest company seminar video to high end commercial productions we follow the same guideline, to produce a film that the audience wants to watch that is both entertaining and captivating”.

Adrian is now freelance (which can be seen at www.adrianlarkin.co.uk) and has launched a new wing into the Automotive market; www.autocreative.tv. This involves automotive commercials on big screens such as in Eland Road football stadium.

Adrian has also worked overseas which is very exciting for him; he was recently filming in Hong Kong and has just returned from Cyprus, hoping to return in the near future. 2011 saw Adrian Larkin shooting film in 3D and working with many famous brands such as Ford, Specsavers, ANON and Nokia.

When reflecting on his start-up process Adrian reveals that if he were to do anything differently a second time around he would do less cold calling and more networking.

"I would have made real life contacts instead of hassling people over the phone or by email"

Adrian has three main plans for the future:

  • To establish autocreative.tv
  • Build true media productions in order to secure longer contracts with repeat customers.
  • Form a reputation from big companies in London in order to bring big budget TV commercials to his freelance career.

Adrian's advice:

"Pick something that you want to do; the hardest thing about working for yourself is that there is no one there telling you what to do, no one to motivate you, so do something that you enjoy and you won’t have any problems motivating yourself. My greatest achievement is making money doing something I Love!"

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