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Research Case studies

Critical Approaches to Leisure and Sport Spaces

Our Centre for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been researching critical approaches to leisure and sport spaces – looking into social relations and their impact, as well as resistance and negotiation for participation and representation in leisure and sport.

From Dr Beccy Watson and Dr Aarti Ratna’s work on Bollywood in public parks, Brett Lashua’s work on music, mapping and identity, and Jonathan Long and Kevin Hylton’s work with Postdoctoral Fellow Hannah Lewis on new migrants and leisure spaces, our research covers a range of sport and leisure contexts.

There’s also Anne Flintoff’s work on the Teacher Development Agency, and Black and Minority Ethnic groups, Karl Spracklen and Jonathan Long’s research on sport and racism, Hayley Fitzgerald on disability and, in addition to this, all our exciting Research Student work.

As part of their research, Beccy and Aarti have delved into commonly held assumptions about public places and leisure – focusing on leisure spaces in the Chapeltown and Harehills areas of Leeds, and helping to build a picture of what living in such a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment is like and could be like.

How dance can make a difference

Beccy is also involved in research projects by RJC Dance in Chapeltown – assessing how dance can be as important as leisure space to a community and the contribution it can make to make to people’s lives in a local area though engagement and participation.

The research goes further and studies RJC Dance’s significance as a black dance group and its relationship to black culture in Leeds more broadly. One of Beccy’s main areas of focus is ‘Flip n strike’ – a project for young men that aims to use dance to encourage engagement and development.

Beccy’s research takes a critical approach to exploring the environment in which young males are living and the ways in which male bodies move – both in everyday performance and if they were to be involved in a performance such as dance.

More information

You can learn more about our research by contacting Beccy Watson, Jonathan Long or Anne Flintoff.
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