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Critical Review of Contemporary Practice in Internationalisation within the business education subject communities

This project is a contribution to the Higher Education Academy’s Business Education Critical Review Series but also represents the latest of three commissioned literature reviews in the field of internationalisation undertaken by members of CAPRI since its inception at the end of 2009.

Project aims were to identify and critically review contemporary practice in the field of internationalisation within the business education subject communities with a view to informing curriculum development and pedagogy geared towards the development of international perspectives and global awareness. Drawing on current pedagogical literatures as well as staff and student consultations, the project identifies a number of key points which reflect good practice in business education curricula.

The project report is structured as a reference text around key themes and issues emerging from the review, providing the reader who has a particular interest or issue in their practice with an outline of key texts which can be followed up as appropriate. The report thus:

  • Provides a compact overview of effective practice in business education internationalisation
  • Outlines the methodology used to undertake the critical review
  • Contextualises business education discourse within a framework of globalisation and internationalisation
  • Provides clarification of identified key themes and discusses current trends and tendencies in business education internationalisation
  • Identifies gaps in research and practice related to the internationalisation of business education curricula

Key outputs:

  • Caruana, V. and Ploner, J. (2012) A critical review of contemporary practice and educational research in internationalisation within the business education subject communities York: Higher Education Academy available here.
  • A dissemination workshop Sustainable Internationalisation: Taking the agenda forward in the business education subject communities facilitated by Viv Caruana at the Rose Bowl, Leeds on 12 April 2012 is being supported by a post-event blog space.

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