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Research Case studies

Effectiveness Measurement

Dr Martin Samy first embarked in academic research in 2000 when he joined Monash University, Australia, completing a PhD from there in the area of effectiveness measurement. He developed a quantitative instrument to measure perceptions of effectiveness in schools and its relationship to financial performance indicators. This work drew recognition in the local media and Australian academic networks. Martin wrote a series of papers on school effectiveness in relation to financial performance, perceptions of student achievement and customer focus.

Following on from his interest in effectiveness measurement, Martin researched the measurement index application to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its impact on Financial Performance Indicators. In this process, he applied content analysis using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. This work involved a series of collaborative projects looking at CSR strategies in companies within selected economies including the UK, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Martin has continued to study the implementation of CSR and its impact on companies but by moving away from positivist research methods towards phenomenological approaches. Through the CSR research and supervision of Doctoral students, he has been invited to participate in the set-up of an NGO to promote CSR activities in Nigeria. This has also led to the presentation of a bill for debate by the members at the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament of Nigeria.

Dr Samy has also returned to his interest in school effectiveness through the design and provision of Leeds Beckett University’s School Improvement Service. This is an innovative, efficient and specialised service which assists schools in identifying areas for improvement. The service, which is supported by educational specialists from Carnegie Leaders in Learning, offers a unique perspective in the identification of areas for school improvement, including analysis of the quality of teaching, leadership, pupils' behaviour and safety and pupils' achievements.

The service provides research and consultancy aimed at assisting individual schools in identifying the strengths or weaknesses of certain areas of their operation. Students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff are surveyed according to themes which are pre-determined in consultation with the school. Effectiveness is measured based on scores of the perceptions of effectiveness of the current and ideal situation as perceived by the respondents. The service is also able to draw on the expertise of national and international educational researchers who can advise the schools on further improvement to many aspects of school operation. Further details can be found at the School Improvement Service site.

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