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Godfrey Guzha

Tell us about your business

I run an IT consultancy company called Page11 - Premier Web Design and IT Consultancy ( www.page11.co.uk)

Through a consultative approach we deliver and support scalable and customisable web based applications also known as bespoke software. Bespoke software is a software application developed specifically to a client’s custom requirements and is particularly used when there is no 'off the shelf' alternative available from vendors such as Sage, Microsoft, Adobe etc. This approach extends to web development and design with contribution from partners and freelancers.

I also run Megged which is a football-oriented social networking site for football players to create and update profiles, upload photos and videos, search scouting events and contact other registered users to organise soccer matches.

What are you currently working on?

Although we have completed numerous projects for other clients, over the last 16 months we have been working on 2 major projects internally.

The first project we developed was Megged which is a football-oriented social networking site for football players to create and update profiles and contact other registered users to organise soccer matches.

The second and most recent software we have developed is taxitoyou (www.taxitoyou.co.uk) and textataxi which is an online booking system for taxis. It is a simple and straightforward way for its users to search for taxis in any area by their postcode and book a taxi instantly. textataxi is an extension/offline alternative to the web based version that allows users to text TAXI followed by the journey details to 88600 and book a taxi. For example TAXI LS12, Godfrey from 22 Town Street to Leeds Train Station as soon as possible.6 seater.

What inspired you to start up?

Being an employee was never my strong suit (laughs) it would either be the work conditions, hours or remuneration. I struggled to find a job that could address all three as well as career progression. I started surrounding myself with a lot of influential people who began to inspire me and push me forward. Most of them did not have 9 to 5 jobs and were from an entrepreneurial pool, always about the next big idea and making a positive impact on society. That coupled with my parents encouragement that I could do anything I wanted to if I put my mind to it, starting up my own business was the only way forward.

When the opportunity came up to set up Megged I dived in head first and to be honest I haven’t looked back since. I contacted the Business Start-up unit at Leeds Beckett for assistance and after meeting with their business adviser I applied for their proof of concept grant of £1000 which I used to promote the business. The support they gave me made me believe in my product even further and I do owe every bit of success I have had over the last few years to the team. Without the rock solid foundation and guidance, I wouldn't be in the same position now.

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