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Institute for Health and Wellbeing Launches

A centre that will tackle issues of health and wellbeing has been launched at Leeds Beckett University.

The Institute for Health & Wellbeing will undertake research into the health status of individuals and communities through six major themes: Healthy Communities, Health Promotion, Men’s Health, Nutrition & Childhood Obesity, Pain Science & Management and Men, Gender & Wellbeing. 

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Professor Richard Hogston, Institute Director, said: ‘Our research foundations and strengths are rooted in the practical implications of research, and the impact research has on communities. This will now be nurtured towards even higher levels of excellence.’

Such research has been undertaken by academics in the Centre for Men’s Health, where they set out to inform policy makers, health professionals, academics and the wider population of the health challenges men face across Europe.

Led by Alan White, Professor of Men’s Health, the report found that poor lifestyles and preventable risk factors account for a high share of premature death and illness in men, illustrating that their health disadvantage is not necessarily written in the genes but can be remedied in part by targeted policies and actions.

‘Quality, Relevance and Sustainability’

The Institution’s broad title will enable it to bring together a wide range of relevant research without being constrained by traditional boundaries. There will be a greater focus on research and enterprise, reflecting the University’s strategic plan of ‘Quality, Relevance and Sustainability’.

Professor Mike Kelly, Director of the Centre of Public Health Excellence at the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), commented: ‘To understand the nature of the health of society, we have to focus not only on the mortality and morbidities in society but the broader concept of wellbeing’.

Ian Cameron, Executive Director of Public Health at NHS Leeds, added: ‘Leeds continues to be faced with significant health challenges, including unacceptable levels of health inequalities. By harnessing the national and international work of the new institute we can deliver innovative community-based solutions for the benefit of the people of Leeds.’

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