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Research Case studies

International Sustainable and Urban Regeneration Case

The development of sustainable urban communities is a key objective for the Pacific Rim nations.

With rapid changes in terms of economic wealth, the development of new buildings and infrastructure needs to be undertaken with particular care and reference to energy conservation and adaptation to the natural environment.

Andrew Platten has worked in association with the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong College of Technology. The project has focused upon providing Hong Kong practitioners in contact with new knowledge relating to the low carbon agenda, sustainable urban planning and liveable cities. This project has been undertaken in two phases with funding from the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Professional Services Development Association over 2008 to 2011.

Under two phases of PSDAS, two international conferences have been organised covering over thirty case studies and two published books. These have included Green Roofs in Hong Kong, City Planning in Fukuoka, Japan and an artist’s village in Beijing, China. Of interest has been the Hong Kong Conserve and Revitalisation programme, which has been launched over the duration of the project, with the flag ship North Kowloon Magistracy project featuring as one of the project studies.

The focus of the work has been to study best practice examples and develop models for application elsewhere. Experts from both academe and industry from across four continents have collaborated in the review of the case studies and used open forums in the conferences to develop sharing and points of learning.

Andrew Platten

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