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Matthew Allen and Anton Krasauskas The Skeleton Project

About the Skeleton Project
Who we are:

The Skeleton Project is a Yorkshire-based theatre and performance group, The founding members Matthew Allen and Anton Krasauskas graduated from Leeds Beckett in 2007 and have in that time toured original and exciting work, alongside their continuing efforts to showcase and develop the talents of other local artists and performers.

What we do:

The Skeleton Project specialises in theatre and performance, with seven productions written and performed since 2005 and in recent years have branched out into other media.

Recent forays outside of the theatre have culminated in short films, art installations and exhibitions in and around Leeds, as well as a dark musical soundtrack which continues to feature in new productions; a trademark sound for a trademark production company. The Skeleton Project is supported by Stage @ Leeds, Test Space and West Yorkshire Theatre Network. The Skeleton Project creates accessible, watchable, humorous work without compromising the desire to take risks, and creates work on subjects which really capture its imagination.

Additional work:

  • Workshops for ages 16 years old and up
  • Pre- and post-performance discussions for both audiences and professionals.
  • Lecture demonstrations for professional artists and academics
  • Showcase Events in gallery spaces and festivals.
What we are currently working on

We currently have three productions that we are programming into venues to set up a national tour in 2012. Each performance is written and devised by the company and all music and video is created in house. Our newest production Trek was previewed at Leeds Emerge Festival in June 2011.

Other current projects include Interested in showcasing new talent, The Skeleton Project created NEWK, a regular platform for developing work which takes the form of three short previews of work by other artists. It affords the opportunity to test material in front of audiences, as well as to gauge interest in the arts in the region. It’s an integral part of future Projects, and an excellent way to catch up with what is becoming a burgeoning scene of artistic talent.

We are hosting a monthly event at Test Space (Leeds) which showcases the performances and new work being created by arts professionals, students and recent graduates in and around Leeds.

Who are clients are

Our work appeals to a broad audience and each production is created with a slightly different audience in mind. Our performances have also been taken to Colleges and University’s linked with a lecture or workshop. We sell our work to venues and perform on a set fee or work with venues to develop new audiences for their space and our work on.

The highs and lows of running our own business

It is great to be able to work on something and give it the time it needs to develop, to create your own deadlines and to work as fast as you think the project needs. We enjoy meeting new people and collaborating with other new companies working in the same field. The downsides of running our own company, in the art sector, is we are in a sector that has taken cuts, we are unfunded and we have had to drop our fees to survive, however as we work for our self we have had the flexibility and the freedom to be able to do this.

What inspired us to start up

As our business is very creative and we put a lot of ourselves into our work this isn’t something we just do for money, this is something we love to do. We started while on a Higher National Diploma in theatre Studies and have developed the concept of our company since then.

Our plans for the future

Our plans are to tour our production ‘Lolz’, a contemporary comedy about information and the internet throughout 2012, while taking our showcase piece ‘Trek’ to festivals and The Edinburgh Fringe next year. We will continue to develop our platform NEWK and hope to get permanent premises by the end of 2012 rather than working from home. Alongside this we will be expanding our contacts in venues and education establishments to increase the amount of lectures and workshops we run.

Our long term plans include taking our work abroad, hiring additional staff to develop our marketing and to get sponsorship and funding for our work.

For more information visit: www.skeletonproject.co.uk or follow @skeletonp on twitter

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