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Research Case studies

New Migrants' Experiences of Leisure and Sport

Jonathan Long, Kevin Hylton, Karl Spracklen and Aarti Ratna

We are interested in the social processes involved in people’s leisure lives and the ways in which they may facilitate or frustrate efforts to negotiate the transitions of migration.

We have sought to do this by examining the way in which people construct meanings of leisure and sport spaces in response to what they encounter of other people’s behaviours and constructions.

We have used a mixture of interviewing, mental mapping and photo-elicitation with a sample (to date) of 22 new migrants from Poland and Africa to allow a comparison of how people who may be regarded as ‘black’ or ‘white’ experience leisure. In the face of political strife, our goal is to examine the implications for integration and inclusion with a goal to providing academic understanding and informing policy.

Research output

  • Long, J., Hylton, K., Lewis, H., Spracklen, K. & Ratna, A. (2011) Space for Inclusion? The Construction of Sport and Leisure Spaces as Places for Migrant Communities. In Ratna, A. & Lashua, B. (eds) Inclusion and Community in Leisure, Sport and Tourism: p33-53. Eastbourne, LSA. Which can be found here
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