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Research Case studies

Research Case Study -TRUG

Trans-disciplinary Research: Urbal Group. A wide-ranging project (involving LSi, the University of Leeds, Permaculture UK and local organisations) to examine the potential for productive, linked green space and new urban systems within a localised green economic context to deliver long-term sustainability.

The TRUG project has its roots in a documentary made by Landscape tutor and former TV director Tom Bliss called The Urbal Fix. Featuring academics, activists, professionals and expert amateurs the film draws together a number of disparate ideas into a tempting proposition.

"As a professor of urban planning, I find the proposals to be perhaps today's most comprehensive integration of theory and practice directed at addressing macro-scale problems at the metropolitan level - a fine addition to our understanding of how to respond to the unprecedented challenges of the day." Prof. Philip C. Emmi, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Utah, Salt Lake City USA.

TRUG was established to test the proposition, and to develop the ideas both included and related in collaboration with various actors to produce what will be effectively a self-updating manual for urban sustainability.

Projects currently include an interactive crowd-sourced web map which merges planning theory with community knowledge and aspirations, and new post-grad, CPD and community teaching courses.

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