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Research Case studies

Successful solutions

Within the Carnegie Faculty, we are a team of experienced research scientists and biochemists. We have a state of the art facility including an environmental chamber and physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, body composition and cardiovascular laboratories all housed within the Carnegie Research Institute.

The group has a specific interest in sports performance with a focus on nutrition and the efficacy of supplements for sports performance or health. Our aim is to engage in contemporary research of the highest quality and also collaborate with organisations and key players in industry to carry out a number of consultancy services, including; product development, product evaluation, nutritional and biochemical analysis and specialist nutrition. Furthermore, we have a very active internal research structure, supported by a growing number of PhD students, further developing our research aspirations and creditability. We also have a strong platform of collaborations, which have undergone considerable and substantive development in recent years.

Our research is based on the fact that exercise uses vast amounts of energy. This is generated by oxidation in muscle of fuel substrates and leads to depletion of energy reserves, especially glycogen. Excess heat is lost by evaporation of sweat but at the cost of dehydration. A well prepared body has some capacity to cope with this but any form of endurance needs careful preparation before, during and after the event. All these elements provide a different nutritional or hydration status problem to be solved by the consumption of ‘successful solutions’ establishing optimal nutritional performance.

Successful Solution

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