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The British Library 'Race', Ethnicity and Sport Collection

Kevin Hylton is working with the British Library to select key web resources of research interest to form the basis of the ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Sport Collection.

The British Library has a responsibility to preserve national documentary heritage for the future generations. The British Library’s collecting responsibility extends to UK non-print material including websites, and Kevin is now selecting them for the ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Sport Collection.

Contributors are being invited to have their site(s) included in this representative collection of websites produced by UK citizens or by UK organisations involved with these themes. The British Library hope that the ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Sport Collection will provide a valuable resource for researchers now and in the future. The British Library works closely with leading UK institutions to collect and permanently preserve the UK web, the archive can be seen here.

The archive will include topics on Education; Related Organisations; Research; Equality/Anti-racism; Racism; Gender; the Media; Olympic and Paralympic Games; Policy (non-exhaustive list).There are benefits to website owners in having their publication archived by the British Library such as having a historical record of their website(s), dissemination and contributory evidence of ‘impact’. The British Library aim to develop preservation mechanisms to keep publications permanently accessible as hardware and software change over time.

This new collection builds upon Professor Hylton’s earlier contribution to the British Library’s Sport and Society collection.

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