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Understanding the value of extra-curricular activities in creating graduates with impact in education

This project was a collaboration between Leeds Beckett University and four Further Education Colleges across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The overall research aim was to enhance conceptual and theoretical understandings of the diversity and value of extra-curricula activities (ECA) to education students, staff and employers and to the wider society; and to understand how ECA might be integrated into the education curriculum, developed to enhance employability and, in so doing, to create graduates with impact.

In particular we explored student, staff and employers perceptions of the value of participation in ECA to the enhancement of graduate outcomes, into both teaching and allied professions, and to the wider community; and, alongside this, explore intersectionality in relationship to the differential valuing of the forms of ECA.

Key papers:

The research resulted in the production of a booklet made available across the sector which can be downloaded here

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