Dr Katherine Dashper

Dr Katherine Dashper


Dr Katherine DashperKate’s research interests centre on questions of identity, diversity and (in)equality within sport and leisure, with a particular focus on equestrianism. Her research explores gender, sexuality and embodiment.


Kate’s PhD was an ethnographic study of the subworld of competitive equestrian sport, focusing specifically on gender power relations within a sport in which men and women compete against each other on equal terms.

She is now developing her research to explore recreational riding and to consider how different forms of riding offer many (mainly) female participants opportunities for empowering and liberating leisure experiences.

Kate is interested in the use of ethnography as a method for exploring rural sport, leisure and culture, and in the use of narrative forms for presenting multiple voices within research reports and papers.

Selected Research

Kate is currently engaged in an action research project with Dr Janet Cochrane, also of Leeds Beckett University. The project is exploring various ways in which horse riders use and experience countryside spaces, including identifying barriers to further enjoyment.

The findings of this research project are feeding back into community work that Kate and Janet are engaged in through their social enterprise, Ride Yorkshire, ensuring that research and action continuously feed into each other.

Current Teaching

Kate teaches on the BA in Events Management, BSc in Sports Events Management, MSc in Sports Events Management and MA Distance Learning in Events management.

Modules on which Kate teaches:

M Level – Sponsorship in Sport 
Volunteer Management
Level 6 – Managing the Event
Level 5 – Human Resource
Management for Events
Media, Broadcasting and PR
Level 4 – Sports Events in Context
Sports Event Organisations

Selected Publications